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5-Man ninja-looting - why is this a thing?

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Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list.

This is somewhat frustrating and kills it for new players, as trolls can literally Need on anything during dungeon phase of gearing.

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Because it's really time-demanding for GMs to check every case, since the majority of the reports concern dungeon ninjaing. Also limiting the rolls to the current spec could limit the population joining dungeons. What could be done is punishing clearly evident behaviours like a warrior needing on healing stuff or a caster trinket. Where to draw the line, though?

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If I were to join ToCh as a tank, I would roll for the DPS trinket. I would not roll for a caster trinket even if boosting a caster friend, but I understand those who would.

Git gud and learn to communicate your needs with teammates. Most of them are actually decent people.

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