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Survival Hunter T5 BIS


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Here is the list:


Helm: Rift Stalker Helm (SSC, Lady Vashj) Meta:Relentless Earthstorm, Yellow Socket: pure agi

* Neck: Telonicus Pendant of Mayhem (TK, Kael'thas)

Shoulders: Rift Stalker Mantle (TK, Voidreaver) 2 red sockets: pure agi gems

Cloak: Thalassian Wildercloak (TK, Kael'thas)

Chest: Rift Stalker Hauberk (TK, kael'thas) fill all 3 sockets with the pure agi gems

** Bracers: Bracers of the Pathfinder (TK, Trashloot) 1x blue socket: pure agi

Gloves: Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation (Karazhan, Attumen the Horseman) 1x red socket: pure agi, 1x blue socket: pure agi *(these gloves are the best choice as a SV Hunter until T6 gloves)

Belt: Belt of Deep Shadows (TK/SSC, Trashloot leatherworking recipe)  2x blue sockets: pure agi

Pants: Rift Stalker Leggings (TK, Fathom-Lord Karathras) 1x red socket: pure agi

Boots: Cobra Lash Boots (SSC, Lady Vashj) 1x red socket: pure agi, 1x blue socket: Jagged Talasit (green gem, 6stam+4crit) = bonus +3 agi

Ring1: Ring of the Recalcritant (Magtheridons Lair, Magtheridon =  this is the reward from the "Head of Magtheridon" quest)

*** Ring2: Ring of Lethality (SSC, Hydross) // Band of Eternity (MH faction ring Tier 1, available as quest reward in Caverns of Time for the "Vials of Eternity" quest chain)

Trinket: Tsunami Talisman (SSC, Leotheras the Blind)

Trinket: Dragon Spine Trophy (Gruuls Lair, Gruul)

MainHand: Netherbane (TK, A'lar)

OffHand: Netherbane (TK, A'lar)

Range: Serpentspine Longbow (SSC, Lady Vashj)


* Please don't stick to the crafted neck - the Kael'thas neck is way better, because even if it has less agi, it has more AP - as a Survival Hunter you are not just there for support, but also your own damage counts! People have also made the maths years ago and concluded that the overall support (own damge+Expose Weakness) is better with "Telonicus Pendant of Mayhem"

** if the extended badge rewards are out (after MH release??) then the "Master Assassins Wristwraps" will be the choice (with 1 pure agi gem)

*** I am new on this Server so I didn't check out if the MH Ring is available now even that MH is not yet released?

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