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Sub combat or assa rogue.

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Leveling is a whole different story than pvp at lvl 80 or in some twink brackets. You need to ask yourself a couple of questions. Do you want to level fast? I would choose combat, because you can use every 1h weapon u find or get from quest rewards. Also as combat u got ability to AoE mobs if u pull too much and got many defensive talents like +dodge +parry and also helpful +hit. But combat got it flaws, it pretty much is not very good spec for world pvp, also gameplay is not roguelike and more like warrior fury with much lower armor.

You can also level as sub rogue, which is much slower than combat but it feels much more roguelike and also is very strong in world pvp. Unfortunately you pretty much need to use daggers (in mainhand) which are not always present so you need to buy them from AH. Also gameplay wise is much less careful than combat. You cant just fight three mobs at once like combat can but you rather want to kill one mob at a time while keeping others in CC (sap) which is also not always possible.

When it comes to level in assa, I wouldnt do this until you unclok mutialte talent. Then assa is some kind viable, you can kill one mob at a time and got permament stunlock which is also nice in pvp. But assa got same flaws sub got which is problem with fighting against elite mobs and more than two mobs at once.

In my opinion combat is the fastest way to level a rogue, if you got access to heirloom daggers you can try to level as sub from begining or try assa when u unlock mutilate to compare those specs. Sub and assa are superior to combat in world pvp because they allow much more control over your target, but it doesnt mean that combat is completely useless, when u unlock killing spree you can pretty much "one shot" most classes that are not plate wearers, but if target survives and know some pvp stuff your options to continue a fight are limited.

Also forget to add that "world pvp" while leveling teaches u nothing about pvp. As a rogue you can choose when the fight starts so for example you can start nuking someone when he has like 20% health and is eating kappa.

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On 12/30/2018 at 7:42 PM, juxozo said:

So, currently leveling rogue, going for max level, and mainly focusing on pvp, should i spec into the sub combat right away, or do i need to be combat or assa rogue for leveling. Thanks.

Both combat and sublety are very nice specs for leveling.  


Subtlety leveling as vipermagi mentioned, is very rogue style, you sneak behind enemy, Delete him with "Ambush" and then move to another enemy. Its fun to play spec. Also subtlety rogue has many nice toolkit for world pvp, either engaging in world PVP or avoiding it. Basically sub rogue is all about oneshotting mobs with ambush.


Combat rogue is basically a fory warrior with less armor and stealth. He is a open fighter and he can fight multiple enemies more easily than subtlety does. 

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