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Shadow Priest PVE Gear ranking

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Here are some rankings of shadow priest PVE gear, which may be handy for you.


List for start (including quests, 5 mans, crafts)



List including 25-man raids:


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This is a decent list to have as a reference point. However it doesn't account for several things:

1.Int and Stam aren't taken into account (When wearing FSW and Spellstrike early on you will lack these) int is especially important for T5 and early T6 where you still have mana issues, and more stam means more SWD and that is all around good.

2.And dropping points from Shadow focus for other tools in the shadow tree is always a good idea Mind Blast,VE, Shadow Weaving, so hit isn't bad 90% of the time, it's up to you to minmax it.

3. And lastly doesn't consider your spell power when evaluating haste along with matching gems to their sockets (that is mostly a problem in Late BT and sunwell)

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