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How to start healing 5 man instances?

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Hello. I just ending leveling my Druid and I want to play in endgame Restoration Druid PvE. The problem is I never played resto druid. Can anyone of you give me a some tips how to healing 5 man instances? What spells i must to use, what is a prioryty?

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it really depends on how much you already know about healing in general and the spells available to you as a druid... 

even though you did not level as restoration you might have noticed other resto druids in your groups; at the very least you should be familiar with the basic spells every druid gets regardless of spec (like rejuvenation / regrowth / healing touch...)

in any case there are plenty of guides available online if you search for them. A solid example seems to this one posted at mmo-champion



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What I can recommend you is to heal few normal dungeons, even those 70-75 ones, ex. the Nexus is pretty easy, so ypu can get used to your spell priority without much stress.


Spell priority is to keep your Rejuvenation on as many players as your mana allowes, but be sure to keep this on your tank every time he pulls anything. Later on when your mana regen is better, using your spare GCDs to hot everyone is a good way to be prepared for unexpexted raid(partywide) dmg. On 80 lvl you use Healing Touch only with your Nature's Swiftness, as Nourish is always higher HpS. Get any addon who announces Clearcasting procs and, when not in a healing stress, use them with your Lifebloom. It will cost nothing, yet give you some mana (pretty useful trick to have in mind as long as you don't have Solace or overall good gear). 

If you are using any raid frames like Healbot or Grid, set them to flash any player's frame when he gets aggro/is near to have an aggro on himself. Then prehot them with at least Rejuvenation. 


Swiftmend is mostly useful with glyph, when it doesn't remove any hot when used. It is used as our Oh Crap button with higher priority to use than HT+Swiftness combo, as has ofc lower cd. Using it is really situational and you have to get used to it by yourself.

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