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Engineering googles

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Just wanted to ask when engineering googles will be added to the game - as they originally were added in patch 2.1 (so the one that added BT, but no guilds were past T4 at that time).


Will those recipes be added earlier, or we need to wait for when BT is opened?

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I would also like to add that a bunch of stuff from 2.1 is already in the game for engineering and am confused why goggles were taken out. 

If we look at the 2.1 changes, 


point 1 was taken out by the sunwell staff.

The rest of the points were left in the game which seems like an unfair thing to do to people leveling their engineering. Also, to the point of people hadn't cleared t4 that is a very good point. At this rate people will not get to wear goggles until late august 2019 according to your timeline. This will make them significantly less relevant for people b/c they will be getting tier 6. 


I do totally understand the point that the goggles are so good that they make people want to roll engineering just for them, but I think if people are going to do that, it is the way they choose to play the game.  I do not think some things should be taken out just because they are good while others left in. 

I personally think that if a player chooses to play the game by trying to min-max, let them. With all the things on the server left from 2.1 it seems only fair to put this in and let players strive for it. 


Thank you.

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Hi would just like to add my opinion to this topic as I believe anyone that has rolled engineering on Nightbane has wasted a lot of time and resources while it remains in its current form.

On retail, rocket boots were usable in arena until patch 2.4.3. This was the main benefit of the profession, and one that is lost completely on this server due to client version. 

I reckon most players would have assumed since its patch 2.4.3, goggles would be available and rocket boots would not be usable in arena, which seems like a fair assumption from my position. It now appears that neither of these benefits are available, when clearly one should be if you are trying to maintain a blizzlike server and/ or consistency.

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Can we get a staff answer on this? Most people expected goggles to be available because as a matter or fact this is not a 2.0 realm and several 2.1 items are already in the game.

You talked about keeping tailoring alive by removing the bags from the shop temporarily, well, right now there are zero incentives to keep engineering.

A 'we arent going to implement goggles until bt' will also help so that people can finally unlearn engineering again.

Happy holidays

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Bumping this. As someone who currently has 365 engineering, my profession is basically useless. Not having access to the goggles when they should be in doesn't make any sense. That and gas nodes not respawning properly and basically being non-existent makes engineering pointless to have.

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1541698766_raidlista.png.e3eb2ddf2569f3448b25258e62323c38.png                                                                                                                                      I found out that the Goggles don't come out until the 2.1 Content stage which will be with the release of Black Temple In Late August..... Guess I'm dropping Useless Engineering...........

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Yes goggles were introduced in 2.1 on retail that is correct but the problem is there are tons of things in the game on this server that were originally introduced in 2.1 or 2.4 even. Hence the staffs argument of this server being in 2.0 state and therefore goggles wont be implemented until BT is absolute nonsense. Other professions have the benefits of later patches whereas engineers are completely cucked here. 

Not to mention the fact that most engi gadgets are still not doing anything...


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