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Players interested in LORE?

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I was wondering if there is anyone who'd be interested in more of lore focused that competitive experience of game. Maybe something similar what Dodgey did on Project 60, with that difference that we wouldnt focus anyone to stop on 60. There are 2 guilds on forum that look like they planned something at least similar but they both look dead.


We would be a group of players (not necessarily a big group) that doesn't rush anywhere, enjoy game, enjoy lore, help each other, social guild and later form some raid and stuff if enough people would be interested. Something of hybrid guild between twink/social/RP/raiding/even PvP. Just to have nice enviroment and fun.

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Unfortunately, private servers never have enough people for such guild to work. Those who like the lore need to group with those who are indifferent - otherwise they find themselves almost alone.

For example, our guild (and myself personally), does (do) encourage "no rush and just have fun" attitude. But if someone wants to rush and just have fun casually raiding with us, we let them. If someone wants to rush and just have fun on arenas, we let them.

Lore is a niche thing, the majority of players don't even read quests. And it's fine, to each their own. Celebrate the diversity, heh.

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