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Will Destro be the new top dps Warlock spec in Ulduar?

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I checked out a few Ulduar bis lists and warlock guides and it seems that at the time, destro was the best dps warlock spec.


bis list


Do you think this will be the case on this server as well? Or have some important stats and abilities changed in 3.3.5 so that Affli might still be top dps?

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In this patch Affliction and Destruction deal comparable single target damage at early gear levels.

Affliction will pull ahead any time there's multi-dotting involved. This includes a very large number of Ulduar encounters, including some of the harder ones like Mimiron and Yogg-Saron. Yogg-Saron is of course also infamous for being particularly lenient towards Affliction Warlocks in the last phase due to how Lunatic Gaze works (you can turn away from the boss during a Drain Soul channel and hence continue dealing damage even during a Lunatic Gaze cast).

Destruction will be better any time there's fresh add spawns that need to die ASAP, because Affliction has a long ramp-up time. This might include encounters like Freya or Thorim. Destruction also has an easier time picking up talents for increased range and pushback protection, which will be helpful on some encounters.

Hodir will likely favour Affliction because Aff does better under insane Haste conditions. Or maybe Destro might be better due to Stormclouds and its higher crit rates. Iron Council might also favour Affliction due to Corruption-rolling with the Rune of Power buff (it should roll, that might not be coded correctly on the server yet).

It's also going to depend on the tuning. Some fights will present harder progression obstacles than others.

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In Live back in the day I specifically remember there was a patch around mid-Ulduar where Destruction became an absolute monster. Overnight I went from 3rd or 4th in my raid to a clear 1st and continued to dominate through Ulduar. We weren't a bad guild either, we were right up there with everyone else and it was a competitive realm.

Was not only the top Lock spec but was leading the entire dps charts. It was so strong I remember it was almost better to ST than to AoE some packs.

There was enough variety in the fights for a well constructed raid to put a very good Dest Lock on ST duty almost exclusively. It was a glorious time.

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3.1 patch theorycrafting isn't relevant for 3.3.3 talents. In this patch, at pre-raid gear levels, demo sims the highest, followed by affliction and destruction is at the bottom At that stage they're all pretty close (destro would still be #3 spec in the game in extended single target fights), but destruction is the lowest-scaling spec of the three so it's only ever going to fall further behind, and both affliction and demonology have ways of gaming mechanics (like proccing decimation on low-HP adds or affliction snapshotting corruption with tricks of the trade damage boost) that can be used to gain a further advantage over naive Patchwerk-like conditions of a sim.

Now, destruction does have a small resurgence with 4pt T8 set bonus but that's not enough to bring it to the top. Realistically, the encounters where you might want to use destruction are those where survivability of a soul link comes in handy and you don't want to run demonology for one reasons or another (in 25-man raids overwriting raid DPS geared demo mains Demonic Pact is a pretty good reason as it is). Or alternatively, if you suck: destro is the more mindless spec.

On 2/27/2020 at 12:58 PM, Xavier said:

What you said is right, but don't forget that ele shaman, arcane mage and balance druid can do good damage to stay on top if they play well.


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