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Again player Amondia

Today WG which started around 15.50 hrs.  Alliance player Amondia with her warr Amondialol in WG. o14,07 quickly logged in to his horde character Amondiaqt to find out how many horde players there are in WG. Ok, spying is not forbidden, although it is pathetic. I wrote him to spy more because I need more screens. Therefore, he quickly withdrew from the character of Amondiaqt. After finishing WG, the character Amondiaxd signed up for another horde to insult me in the chat. The audacity of this player is incredible. Not only does he break the pvp rules, he is also vulgarly arrogant if you alert him to his fraud and dishonest behavior. No one should be unpunished. Im reporting it because his cheating is also associated with vulgarity

Screen 1 - Amondiaqt logs on a horde char (16,07)

Screen2 - i write to Amondiaqt about spy and he goes fast offline(16,09)

Screen3 - he logs on horde char Amondiaqd and and after the end of WG he writes me vulgarity (16,18).

I also attach the observation of another player who noticed Amondia's cheats (screen n. 4)spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png

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