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An alliance player Amondialol with 2 chars in WG. With an active ally character he participates in a fight, with a passive horde character he intentionally reduces tenacity of hordeplayers. On a passive character, he gains an overview of the movement of the horde players for the alliance. He thus gains unjustified honor on both characters. Screenshots are made in WG from 1.6.2021 at 23.40. The presence of Amondia on both factions was noticed by another player, who also took a screenshot, and warned this player not to be afk on the horde, because he will send a report. Such scams are not tolerated by any server and even a small population cannot be an excuse for cheating. This is not the first time this player has been with two characters in WG.

P.S. In addition, I suspect that his main character has some unauthorized "improvements". Players like Amondia are a cheater and the server is doing a bad reputationin

P.S.1 In the rules you write that the violation can be reported within 3 days. However, it took 3 days for the administrator to respond to my open ticket. I sent the report right after the end of a specific WG, but probably to the wrong place. therefore, I ask the administrator to take into account his late reply to my ticket.

 Bestknife, Velia (horde) - sieges

Rashagul (horde, blue point at map) - mid tower

Amondiaqt (horde, yellow point map) - afk at horde graveyard

Amondialol (alliance) - attacking siegesspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png

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