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lost trying to join as a new player.

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hi im new to private servers. i downloaded utorrent downloaded the file. this is where im stuck i dont know what to do next. i cant download the 2nd step with the realmlist nor can i find any realmlist on my wow download from blizz. what can i do?

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If you already have Wotlk 3.3.5 game client downloaded, go to Game\Data\enUS\    here you will find realmlist.wtf file.  Open it with notepad, and change what's inside into this:
set realmlist logon.sunwell.pl
Then save it (make sure that you don't save it as .txt file, it must remain .wtf) and that's all, you can start the client and login (with the account created on https://sunwell.pl/ , account here on forum is not connected to the website or game server)

If you have problems with editing realmlist.wtf file, you can download this one and just replace them: https://download.sunwell.pl/realmlist.php


Best regards

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