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[Voltarus] Secrets of Ulduar and Furious Gladiator Season - details before releasing!

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We would like to announce bunch of information regarding new content release.
Heroic mode added to Naxxramas, The Obsidian Sanctum and The Eye of Eternity raids will remain unchanged.
Custom boosts on normal difficulty of 25man t7 raids (Naxx/OS/EoE) were already removed which means all t7 normal mode raids does have blizzlike values now.

09.05 - Character boost to level 70 is coming to Voltarus! It will last until 23.05 23:59gmt+2
            More info about the 70lvl boost:


What is Character Boost event? 
For a limited amount of time, players can skip Vanilla and The Burning Crusade content and immediately start on a level 70 character with enough gear to get straight to Northrend questing! 

What will I receive? 
- A character of your choosing will be boosted to level 70 by talking to <Aeriash, Herald of the Frozen Wastes> located in every starting location (he's visible from the spot where new character appears)
- Enough gear appropriate to your level along with a ground mount :horse_mount:, a fly mount :goldengryphon: and 4 bags :netherweaveBag:

- One profession of your choice will be boosted to 350 skill!
- Spell training will be free for everyone. Only during the event! 

- Only one character boost can be redeemed per account. 
- Deleting the character on which boost was used will not refund the boost token. Once you've boosted one character you can't do that again on the same account so please choose carefully!
- Death Knight character boosting will not be possible.

09.05 - XP boost event!
           Along with 70lvl Character Boost, XP event will be enabled and it will last until 23.05 23:59gmt+2 as well.
           More info about XP boost event:


Experience rates during event will be:    1 to 67 (x8) -> 68 to 80 (x6)
With Experience Boost from the store:   1 to 67 (x16) -> 68 to 80 (x12).

In order to check or change your experience rate, please use the following in-game commands:
.xp = returns your current experience rate and the rates you can pick between.
.xp X = where X is your desired experience rate.

16.05 - Arena Season 5 Deadly Gladiator ends after flush at 11pm, more info about rewards for s5 will be available on forums.

19.05Arena Season 6 Furious Gladiator will start after update at the morning, Arena Points will be removed from all players during that update, so if you would like to use them up - you will have to do that earlier. Also all soulbound items which were tradable (2hours after dropping them) or refundable (2hours after being bought with currency other than gold) will lose the option to be traded/refunded.
Vault of Archavon will be closed until 6pm

19.05 - at 6PM Ulduar will be opened on Voltarus! At the same time 2nd boss in Vault of Achavon - Emalon the Storm Watcher - will be added

26.05 - Black Proto-Drake and Plagued Proto-Drake (rewards from Glory of the Raider 10m/25m achievements) won't be obtainable anymore.


Info about changes in the difficulty of Ulduar (like prenerf values, custom boosts, hard modes added to bosses which didn't have them originally) will be available soon in the post below.

Additional content changes:

  • New 213iLvl Kirin Tor rings;
  • The first part of Argent Tournament dailies will become available;
  • New gems that can be dropped: Stormjewel  (please don't confuse them with Epic Gems released in patch 3.2.0)

Little summary what will reset with new content:

  • Arena Points will reset
  • Arena Team Ratings will reset
  • MMR will reset
  • Stone keeper shards won't reset
  • Honor points won't reset
  • Wintergrasp marks won't reset
  • Emblems won't reset


Thank you for reading this! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Anything not related to the topic will be deleted.

Take care!

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