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Damian banned by Crafty

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Character Name - Damian
Punishment Reason - Advertising other projects
Date - 
2021-04-23 13:45:56
Description - Guys you should make your mind. Firstly, I've been banned on global chat and it lasted one week. Afther that I've never mentioned any other projects on global chat or other communications platform. Now I wanted to check how's my guild going and discovered ban., I guess you banned me because you can't stand fact that your realm is dead and anyone who say this fact gets ban/mute. It wasn't a problem to you when someone said other server names on global back then... If that's your take to fix plunging population then its not okay. Consider fixing the website and change attitude to players. At this moment I don't care if you unban me or not. I don't even know if it is perm because site says my ban should last 1 second ( I guess that's another thing not working on your webpage).  Farewall sunwell and wish you luck
Evidence - 

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