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Ninjaloot and fantastic behaviour - Ekun and his friends from Balkan Special Forces

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I joined this cool guy's Naxxramas and I won by fair roll the Dying Curse trinket, but the raid leader ( Ekun ) did not want to give me the trinket because I did not have a gem attached to one of my items that I won in the same raid. They started to make fun of me on the Discord voice channel. You can see the whole story in the pictures attached. Also, they kicked me and made fun again on the raid chat.  


Nice attitude! 


P.S.: He did not mention the looting rules after I joined the group.


Thank you!



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1. You had no a single enchant/gem on you.  Not a single pot/flask. 

2. You didnt listen to discord calls for CRess/Inner.

3. You died cuz u had 12 (!) stacks

4. You did less damage than tank https://imgur.com/OP4dLTQ

Obviously, as a common sense you performed as shit, didnt listen, didnt react, so you will not get any loot for that boss. 

Also, when you was invited to raid, u joined our discord where u saw the rules: https://imgur.com/a/lkVX3Pn

I dont even know why i am explaining this, noone give a fuck, just go kill yourself dog. 

Have fun :) 

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