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[Ninjalooting] Kankalovichi

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Your name -Atomic pala
Reported player's name -Kankalovichi
Date -7 April 2021
Rule that was broken -Took tanking loot while he was dpsing.
Description - He hosted OS25 2d, when boss died he rolled for tanking leggs (dragon brood legguards) and gave them to himself.
Evidence -If you look at recount, its damage taken, obviously he wasnt tanking anything.




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kushKankalovichi, wasnt on the raid as a tank and rolling on a tank gear... its unfair for the tanks... you didn't specify from the beginning that you are going to roll that item. 

+if you are going to flank it around by logical sense recount shows everything ( Atomic paladin was tanking Sarth)+(JKM was tanking the drakes) So how are you tanking and your damage taken is below  Telgo(DK DPS)... it doesnt make sense that you are joining as a tank.. 

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Posted (edited)
1 minute ago, atomic said:


Obviously he didnt tank anything, took less damage from dps DK. Warrior that was second offtanked the dragons.

Edited by atomic
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@atomic oh sorry but I am not a staff or GM 😓 I just mentioned the unedited thing so when one of the staff come to your report it would help to get it treated faster ...

sorry again for the misunderstanding ...

PS; any one from the Staff Team should have a title under their picture and as you can see I am just a member 😅

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