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FROSHOLD Not enought people to progres ICC25 HC/ RS25 / TOGC25 we need increase boost FROSHOLD

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Not enought people to progres ICC25 HC/ RS25 / TOGC25 we need  increase  boost

Froshold players need higher boost on ICC / RS/TOGC. Many people still want to progress. At this moment, we can create only one group of 25. Collect 2 hours of people. This group is never full. A lot of people are missing. If we found 20 people is very good. We must do normal version ICC/RS becouse missing people.. As a result, the most people don’t want to continue raids boecuse they  don't need anything from normal raids.

People leave because we don’t have progress. I am asking for increasing the iCC 10/25 buff on normal and heroic versions (from Hellscream's Warsong 20% to 30%)  and adding a buff on RS, TOC 10/25 and heroic (add Hellscream's Warsong  10%). Will be the best if you add Hellscream's Warsong  10% to all raids 25 wotk but ICC/RS/TOC is the most important.  This will help save playing on the froshold realm.

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