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keyboard stops working while playing

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I warmly welcome. I will describe a problem that arose during the game and fortunately I was able to solve it. Maybe someday some player will find this information useful.

While playing WoW, for up to 30 minutes, there was a problem with the keyboard, the keyboard jammed so that none of the keys responded (the game, the mouse, the screen functioned normally). Only turning off the computer with the on / off key solved the problem and the keyboard worked normally. I checked on other games and everything worked fine even though I spent a long time in the game. 

Removing the game and downloading it from a new source (Sunwell forum) did not help

As it turned out, the solution to the problem was.
Entering game files, Interface-> Addons remove everything, then rename folders like Interface, Cache, WTF to InterfaceOld, CacheOld, WTFOld. We run the game and everything is fine: D

Information, of course, disinterested, but I would enjoy a little gift in the game: D nick Glaca, if not, I'm glad that someday I can help someone: D

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