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My account (orangemaster) was banned.


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Character name - my entire account (was playing on Billbigass)

Punishment reason - none didn't receive one (banned on the spot)

date - 3/4/2021

description - i was waiting for the zeppelin to undercity and to kill time i decided to send my friends/guildmates gold seller messages because we receive them all the time they were aware that it was me doing this and we were in a discord call at the time so they fully acknowledged this was a joke. After sending 2 messages to 2 of my friends i was banned without hesitation and when i try to logon a message telling me my account has been closed appears.

evidence - attached images

i understand that what i did under different circumstances is a completely reasonable bannable offense. on a side note when i checked my player panel i found no reason as to why i was banned or what GM banned me. Thank you for reading and considering this appeal!



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