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Transfer from Frosthold to Voltarus.


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Hello. Is it possible to transfer characters from Frosthold to Voltarus ??
Thanks for the info.


I will only add, when I choose the realm, it says on Voltarus that I have two characters, but when I enter the realm, nothing is displayed. 
When I choose realm Frosthold it says that I don't have any characters but when I enter realm I see two characters.

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Such option will be possible only when Voltarus reach same content as Frosthold (which is Ruby Sanctum)

Best regards

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  • 4 weeks later...

Till that Time there would not be a reason to transferr anything into Voltarus which lost its population just now in the end of Apriel 2021 !!!


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Both realms are dead and no serious reason or explanation why and what team is going to do in that matter!!!

Inform us are there any chances to play at Sunwell anymore or not?

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