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Papaay banned by Azureuz


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Character Name -Papaay
Punishment Reason -
Speed Hack.
Date -2021-02-28 03:09:46
Evidence - I can't connect

Description -

My brother had a character on my account and he was using a hack. I didn't know he was using it and I know how dangerous it can be. The password has already been changed and he no longer has access to it.
I have been with you for a long time, I support your work and I hope that your application will be granted.
Best regards


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We don't interfere with the owner of the account, there was a player using prohibited software and he got punished according to the rules. 

You shouldn't share your account with untrusted persons. You shouldn't have a possibility to appeal, however the realm has been freshly launched and we want you to have a nice time on Voltarus. 

Your account got unbanned, however your character will be added to our watchlist and the second offence with the same or similar reason won't get a possibility to appealing.


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