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Tree/Macron/Drydix - Multi Boxing - Banned


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Character Name - Tree / Macron / Drydix
Punishment Reason - MultiBoxing
Date - 28/02/2021
Evidence - I can't connect
Description - 

I recently had to face the ban hammer due to multi-boxing, and it hurts a lot.
Yesterday, a few minutes after login in, an admin told me to avoid using a third party tool for playing with my characters. I thank him for letting me know kindly, ditched the tool, and continued with my chars using alt tabs & assists.
My chars were:
- one shaman that healed me (Macron) whenever I cliqued on its healbot interface. He's on /follow most of the time since he doesn't have much to do.
- two feral druid (Tree/Drydix) which I used using assists & alt tabs (the energy gets used super fast, so after 1-2 attacks I switch)

After re-reading the rules of multiboxing, I now see that I have one character too many. I thought only the use of a third party tool was forbidden, and that's 100% my fault.
If you would allow me to get back one or two of my characters, I would be very grateful.

I reaaally hope you would take my request into consideration, I enjoyed playing on Frosthold and I wish to play on Voltarus as well, and play by the rules.

Best Regards,

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  • Administrator


You kept using 3rd party software to cast at the same time on 3 accounts. Like you've noticed, only 2 accounts are allowed and using ANY KIND of automation software/hardware is strictly prohibited.

I've removed your ban from account with Drydix, other accounts will remain banned for the full duration of ban.
Please keep in mind that if situation repeats itself, it will result in way longer ban.

Best regards

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