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DK anti-class  

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Asked about this on /global and got answers:

hunter, fmage, retpal, dk (yeah for some people counter to dk is dk :X)

I can see that in world pvp situation hunter can win just by outrange. What I do not understand is how hunter is suppose to kite in duel while fight zone is so tiny, and I think u cant simply escape gargoyle and slowly die to dots

Also not sure about fmage, or any other caster. Dk got so many anti-caster tools its insane. Antimagic shield / zone, silence, ghoul stun, mind freeze, grip, snares, selfheal, not to mention gargoyle lolz


I am starting to think that "none" is no joke answer Kappa


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Dk got plenty of counters in Arena, and is fairly beatable in a 1v1 with a pillar, by Druids, Pals or SP. But if u mean a 1v1 in a small open field Duel zone like under Dalaran, Unholy Dk beats everything except other DKs simply because he uses Gargoyle open field and has the rest of his stuff, too. Maybe a feral, who is one of the biggest counters of DK in general and only loses duel cause of Gargoyle dmg can use one of these boxes in Dalaran to kite and avoid Gargoyle and heal himself, but i have yet to encounter a feral to tryhard this much, most good players dont take these Duels under Dalaran too serious anyway. If we stay in this open field scenario under Dalaran where sick pets rule, an Enhancement shaman with gear, in an OLOLOL PET battle duel might be your best bet, as he should be able to survive with his wolves, if he cant win the dk until wolves end  it will be hard tho, depends on how many Death Strikes he dodges maybe and on the gear and dmg they deal to each other.

As alrdy mentioned, if theres endless space hunter can just outrange him and fuck him up, but this is not guaranteed under Dalaran. If the Dk is just alot worse player and doesnt know how to abuse his mechanics in that dalaran duel scenario a Frost Mage can beat him if he watches out for Gargoyle timing Mirror images and  block, pet nova and so on. And a way better Ret, Warrior and even SP with shackle Undead and Lock with portal outrange, rogue with gay vanish strats, can also beat him. Ele can win if the Dk cant AMS roots, grip and use Gargoyle lol

TL;DR In ur duel scenario under Dalaran Dk always has the advantage vs any Class and the other class has to play almost flaweless and outplay the DK to win, there is no counter in ur scenario, only in Arena




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None. Basically DK kit is anti.spell caster so any spell class with same skill and gear should never win even if the DK failed super hard. Meeles have a bit easier time playing vs DK but still DK should win (except maybe good ret. paladin). In 2v2 you can counter anything, even a DK comps. In 3v3 DK is probably best class with huge press and survability + lot of spells to help peel healer.

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I've been maining DK for around 6 years, 4 of which I played on WotLK only and mastered the arts of dueling. The class which I personally hate to face the most (when my opponent is skillfull) is an Enhancement Shaman. Many people ignore this and underestimate Enhancement Shamans but when played correctly they can be the true definition of torture to all Deathknights.
I consider Rogues & Paladins annoying too.
Basically, the way to beat a Deathknight is to kite him out and survive his burst (something a good Paladin can easily do, and a rogue by re-stealthing).

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I've been playing WoW for nearly 9 years, WotLK for kinda 7, all with a DK which is my favourite class. I've spent time in tons of server, PvE and PvP oriented and I consider myself well skilled with dueling as a DK and if I should mention the class which gives more troubles to DKs i would say "Paladin".

On 1vs1, using a Unholy DK at quite high skillcap, a Retribution Paladin (same skillcap) overpowers you. Of course, if we suppose he's gonna use Divine Shield. If not, he will give a lot of problems anyway. Lichborne? Insta-Turn Evil, then heals. Lichborne + Antimagic-Shell? Kite, preventing RP generation from attacks and heals on proc by Art of War. Gargoyle? Insta-Turn Evil again. If he doesn't bubble-up, at same skillcap, the DK wins with good CD management, but most of people use Divine Shield constantly on duels, waiting for Forbeareance to fade-off, then Avenging Wrath.

On Arena side, a Unholy DK can't kill a Holy Paladin alone, neither using Corpse Explosion on low health, at high ratings (supposing, so, high skillcap) while a Paladin can due to Avenging Wrath which bypasses 50% of ALL damage reduction effects and good crit procs. On the other hand, UH DKs have more utility CDs and a perma-snare with Chains of Ice, that's the reason Holy Paladin and Unholy DK is one of the best 2s comps on WotLK (Elemental Shaman and Protection Paladin too, but it works way better with ToC+ Gear, and other classic comps).

On 3vs3 and 5vs5 a Unholy DK with Wandering Plague can give serious issues to the whole enemy team, thing a Paladin can't do.

Frost DKs are a good choice in Arena only with good arp rating (usually it's used also a 2h weapon for best damage, because the sustained dps of the 1handed Frost DK can't be used at his best), also, Frost DK can't win 1on1 a Unholy DK at same skillcap, due to improved Antimagic-Shell, stronger Lichborne+Death Coil Macro and Gargoyle, mind-freezable only each 10 secs.

So my PERSONAL verdict is the following:

-1on1 (without Divine Shield) = UH DK wins
-1on1 (with Divine Shield) = UH DK loses
-2on2 = depends on team composition and other team member's skill, cooperation, management of CDs
-3on3 = same as above
-5on5 = UH DK can be painful

In addiction, always assuming we're talking of high skillcap, the DK can have problems against Rogues (serious problems if Frost DK), and equivalent higher issues against an Arms Warrior (in both cases, if possible, take Rune of Swordshattering but take care because some Wars tend to have a Glyph of Overpower spec for duels, instead of the Glyph of Bladestorm one).

Also the Enhancement Shaman can be tough: it's all on good CD management, 'cause Enha Shams starts always with their massive burst, during that it's hard to kill them in melee. If the DK uses well Icebound Fortitude, Shell and Anti-magic Zone, with ghoul's stun, he wins, else the shaman does.

Shadow Priest and Warlocks are anti-classed by a common DK, if Unholy there isn't much they can do. Moonkins, Mages and Elemental Shamans (in this order) are a bit harder to kill, but Unholy DK is a beast against casters, especially with Rune of Spellshattering.

Note: duels against Blood-Tanknig Death Knight are a waste of time where they usually win also with a less lower skillcap, Blood DpS Death Knights, instead, lose way more frequently due to the lack of movement.

If I, again, personally, should do a list of difficulty from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), mine would be the following [assuming the always mentioned Unholy DK (tbh, I love Frost, but it's a PvP topic)]:

Shadow Priest = 1-2; Destruction Warlock = 1-2; Affliction/Demonoloy Warlock = 2-3-4; Arcane/Fire Mage = 3-4; Frost Mage = 4-5; Fury Warrior = 3-4; Protection Warrior = 6-7; Arms Warrior = 7-8-9; Balance Druid = 3-4; Feral Druid = 6-7; Elemental Shaman = 3-4-5; Enhancement Shaman = 8-9; Protection Paladin = 6-7-8; Retribution Paladin = 8-9-10; Combat Rogue = 5; Assassination Rogue = 5-6-7; Subtlety Rogue = 6-7; Tanking Blood Death Knight = 7-8; Damage Dealer Blood Death Knight = 3-4; Frost Death Knight = 3-4-5; Unholy Death Knight = 8-9; Beast Mastery Hunter = 5-6; Marksmanship = 6-7-8.

I would like to repeat myself: this is my personal list, based on playstyle, experience and such, but with the experience growing, you tend to recognize some things with more objectivity.

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I'm pretty good at DK. This is my assessment 

Slightly brained Ret pala beats DKs 1v1, as well as protret. It's an inherent counter, if Ret is perfectly played DK cannot win. The vast majority of ret/protret do not meet the "slightly brained" criteria. 

Great Hunters will beat DKs 1v1 without countergearing etc at max level/gear 

Rogues can kill DKs with good RNG and if the DK uses shit poorly, but its 70-30 DK to Rogue advantage 

Feral can be challenging if theyre good - if you use expertise gear/weapon you just smash them 

Enhance can be tough with bad RNG but very beatable - if you use expertise gear/weapon you just smash them 

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Definitely Hunter. A good hunter can kite a dk all day. You cant reach him. And you cant interrupt him because he is not a caster.

Grab -> Hunter disengages. you re fucked. now you have to surive until your Grab is back up. Grab again -> deterr into snake or ice trap....

Only thing against hunter dk can go is really grab into pet stun then apply dot pop gargoyle. then go defenive and hope the dots will finish hunter off :D


Paladin can be an issue when he pops his wings and hand of freedom. You cant slow him and he beats you hard.

For that you need to time IBF and AMS, AMZ to mitigate as much damage as possible during that or if he doesnt HOF simply chain him and stay away.

Enhancement shaman is rough too. You cant kite them and their damage is high and they do heal aswell.

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