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How do people get 1st level 80?

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Check which classes get fast and cheap first mount very fast in my post! You can also go as hunter, they have 30% speed buff, iirc.
Still hoping that Sunwell Team gonna give more questing levelers a chance for Realm First by reducing / removing level 20 mount cost.
Even if they reduce the cost of riding, still need a good ammount of time put into your leveling path building on x4 to get RF 80 :)

But most of people gonna be most likely RDF-spamming untill 58 then do questing. Just need a good composition of AOE specs in group (ppala, mage, wlock). Best heal would be Shaman i guess, as he have Fire Nova totem, that does insane amount of AoE Dmg from time-to-time. 
Some people asking Sunwell team to remove RDF CD (which is like 15 mins), that prevents people to avoid dungeons they get by kicking each other. However i think with good preparation and knowledge about shortcuts in classic dungeons - doing "bad dungeon" shouldn't really be a problem. 

Have fun & be happy! 🥰

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