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Suggestion about having Transmog on alts

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I'd like to make a suggestion regarding Transmog feature when we want to apply them on alts. What's the problem? Current state of ingame transmog on your realms require dungeon emblems or honor / arena points - both of which are only attainable on level 80 characters. Or rather, the emblems are restricted, but the high cost of 50k honor is unsuitable for alts who can only obtain it on active PvP brackets (aka 70s bracket filled or not with twinks) or with honor tokens from Wintergrasp, which is 2k honor each; 4k if double honor event is up - that is 25 or 13 tokens respectively - for ONE item. And who does arena on low levels and how long would it take to get 250AP to transmog a weapon?

My point is, your set way of attaining transmog tokens ingame makes transmog feature on alts impossible. 

And let me immediately step down on all unnecessary comments and state that some of us dislike anything more than 1x or 2x exp rates and instead enjoy WoW the way it was played in the days before RDF ruined world population and teaming up for PvE and PvP alike. And if I want transmog on my alt for giggles - I can't have it.

So I have a suggestion for you to consider or to give you an idea. Make non-epic items transmogrify-able for the cost of the item we want to transmogrify it into. RDF spammers on exp boost won't make use of the feature anyway, and us who enjoy old way of doing things and grouping up still get to enjoy our time with little more colorful shenegians. And if someone does get an epic, well whoa, let it remain epic (the point of it is that you shouldn't need to redo the code too much).

Thank you for your time.

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