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[Voltarus] Arena Season 5


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ARENA SEASON 51907677125_LogoV4(2).png.3d1e6a91d3a6456028773ef86b350a2b.png.451dede3a77ff0692c2dbd5fd797e8b0.png

- Weapons from previous PvP seasons will be accessible to buy only for Honor points, they  will no longer require rating or arena points.
- Playing arenas between 19:00-22:00 will award winners with [Satchel of Spoils] that have a chance of containing a vanity item.
- Double Honor Rates every weekend (Friday 16:00 - Sunday 23:59)
- Arena Point Flush is every Sunday @11pm. 
- Each arena season end will be the beginning of a new arena tournament.
- AP/honor WON'T reset with S5 season start
- starting team/personal rating for S5 is 1500 - in all future seasons starting team rating is 0



1. In order to be able to receive a reward, the difference between the player and his teammate cannot be higher than 150. Teams with one member won't be considered to end season rewards. Difference between the player and his arena team cannot be higher than 150.

2. Teams with vulgar, racist or insulting names won't be considered to end season rewards.

3. Before receiving rewards, we will check arena logs searching for wintrading and the players will be checked in the means of illegal software.

4. Percents will be counted only from teams, which have played at least 50 arenas in current season and reached at least 1800 personal rating.



2v2 Rewards:

1st place: Deadly Gladiator  title – permanently, and Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm

2nd & 3rd place:  Gladiator title – for one season, and Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm

4th - 7th place: Duelist title – for one season.

8th - 12th place: Rival title – for one season.

13th - 19th place: Challenger title – for one season.

Percents will be counted only from teams, which have played at least 50 arenas in current season.

3v3 Rewards: 

1st place: Deadly Gladiator title – permanently, and Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm

2nd - 3rd place: Gladiator title – for one season, and  Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm

4th - 6th place: Duelist title – for one season.

7th - 10th place: Rival title – for one season.

11th - 16th place: Challenger title – for one season.
Due to complete lack of interest in this bracket we won't be able give any rewards for 3v3.

3v3 Solo Queue Rewards: 

1st place: Brutal Gladiator title – permanently, and Swift Nether Drake

2nd-6th place: Duelist title – for one season.

7th - 13th place: Rival title – for one season.

14th - 21st place: Challenger title – for one season.

>>3v3 Solo Queue Information<<
Due to low interest in this bracket, only 1st place will be rewarded.


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