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Yesterday (12/01/21) i was grouped for ICC 25 hosted by Valhalla Frat Boys' guild. The ML was Bahaal. I was DPSing with Visione.

Since when we start the run and after any boss the ML took all loots because they want give it at the end. We end the run without clearing any boss on upper spire.

After the RL calls "RO" they start rolling for items.

When we arrive at one loot that i've rolled (Shadowvalut slayer's cloak) i won with 89. Only after a few seconds from everyone's roll (like 10sec) kurko said that i'm banlooted 'cause i've ninjapulled the boss (Festergut, alive!) but to be honest the Army of Dk's start the encounter instead. 

Then they accused me having a 277 gear while i have a simple 258 https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=47418 (u can check on Armory "Visione" lv 80 Blood Elf Paladin - Frosthold).

So the cloack was gived to a Valhalla's member and I was kicked from raid with a lovely words like "GTFO" and "RETARD".

When they roll a new Item "Polar Bear Claw Bracers" i roll again (but for that i haven t a screen :|) winning again but they never give me any item. Instead they give me other love words as written above.

Like me, other player underwent the same treatment if they win a loot that was needed by one guild's member.

I'll post some screenshot and i hope that guild will be punished.

Thx for your time.

Have fun.spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png




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I can see that you won the roll(through your friend addon which is weird) but i can't see who got the item (player X received the item) which means i can't just take your word for it i need evidence... 

This behavior can result in a ban/item removal and surely a mute for player Kurko but since your evidence are not good enough i will just add the player bahaal to the ninja list (for next 30days) and apply a mute for player Kurko for his behavior

Kind regards 

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