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NEW Content Suggestion - PvP Realm (WotLK)🕸

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Hello guys,I would like to represent you an Idea for creating a PvP Realm for developing a better Sunwell community and also I believe that we can be a serious comptetition to other PvP - related servers for example like the good old AT.

I moved to Sunwell for a Reason and I knew exactly what to expect,mostly fairplay (due to the unavailability to buy gears) or how we call it now - Pay2Win,thats something that ppl need to pay attention to and be proud of the Sunwell team for not allowing it happen.

Personally I used to play @Angrathar realm,since the release,for those who doesn't know,back then Sunwell team was developing the Frosthold (Test) Realm,free from glitches and fully scripted as we know it Today : )

We started with details,so like a Responsible Sunwell player I won't forget to mention that I saw alot of other top PvP Familiar characters that moved from the very first beggining to @Angrathar & even in @Frosthold now.

Guys I need your support.

I think it would be great if Sunwell team gives us Access to something fresh,without the Need of wiping our blizz-like realm,with the merge of both realms now we have our old Mains back,and this may result as a very-hard competition for ppl who need rating

(like farming rating on EndGear)

@Frosthold,but it's all good,because we all invested so much time in those charracters and deserve it.


Im pretty sure that we have the capacity to host the best version of WotLK PvP Realm that ppl could have choice and what to do,even during the latest hours of the day.

And the best is yet to come, Depends on Sunwell staff,but we can support via Live streams Etc and sharing Ideas if needed in order to grow.

I know that alot of people will enjoy it and will have the opportunity for playing not only in 2v2's brackets, but also in 3v3 & who knows maybe even 5v5. Everyone likes Late-night chillax.

We could farm gear related with Honor & Rated arena teams between 1.650 - 2,200 rating & Soloqueue in 3s brackets,comment your opinion below.

thank you for your time and wish you all happy holidays.

best regards,Salty.

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  • Saltyretbullx changed the title to NEW Content Suggestion - PvP Realm (WotLK)🕸

You can already see that best PvP players from both sides left the server. Today I saw around 750 people online and it's sad. If you want to have real and enjoyable game you need atleast 3-4k online. There is nothing you can do at this moment, since we are on the last season new people will be not intersted in leveling that much. Tbh the only thing sunwell can do is archive this realm and make new one with strong advertisment. It's better to start from 0 with everyone. 

For now, for me, for lot of pvpers server is just dead. 

Cheers from Prominence. Someday maybe we will back all and kick your ass again :3

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