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[Report] Tessic/Tessik

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Your name - Coldsnap
Reported player's name - Tessic / Tessik (Proof shows he used two charcters)
Date - December 5th, 2020.
Rule that was broken - II Game Master and Chat Rules ss 6. Insulting Players
Description - I am an openly gay man. I take SERIOUS offence to being called a f&g. Its not funny and I certainly consider it harassments. I hope you do too. Homophobia should not be tolerated. As well, I attempted to mute this person as to stop conversation. They took it upon themselves to add me on another toon just to harass me. Please stop this nonsense. 
Evidence - Unedited pictures below.

Evidence- https://ibb.co/VLQrqWY

Note** I had to use url links because I keep encountering an error code upon upload. I asked for help with this error at help desk but received no reply. All I can do.

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