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Hi there

Reported player: Atkrues (Alliance) Atkruesgodx (Horde)

So this guy has been actively afking on his alliance DK and everytime we report him afk, he just attack someone or goes to his horde DK to remove his debuff and been doing for few days otherwise I would have not bothered to report him but its getting to a point where its getting pretty annoying, not only using his alliance toon to block us from getting a spot but also using to see where we are vulnerable the most and guiding his horde team to them.


WoWScrnShot_101020_042018.thumb.jpg.f21c26e28512dc597309cac720d19692.jpg WoWScrnShot_101020_042513.thumb.jpg.40fa21250cdfefdeefa695e75ebd1abe.jpgWoWScrnShot_101020_042101.thumb.jpg.b9e52d2361aa309f3ca9427d6b3da09b.jpg

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Confirmed, i was on my alliance rogue in that battleground. He was afking/idling on alliance character(he had less than 20k dmg done, also everytime he gets a innactive he charges in horde team and die), you can see also chat from these screenshoots...He was clearly afking with purpose of losing and making advantage to horde team. 

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