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What a rude community

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we was standing in the platform for about 1 min so i asked gently our tank does he need a hint but our rogue was very rude about that ;D.

Last time when i wrote something in polish to friend in party chat i was muted for hours lol but rude players should get bigger punishment.


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Using another language in party chat other than English is not allowed. These are Sunwell rules.


3. Party chat in dungeons gathered via Dungeon Finder has a requirement of speaking English. The same rule applies to Battleground chat, as both Battleground chat and Dungeon Finder party chat are considered global chats.

  • 30 minutes of mute - the first case
  • 6 hours of mute – the second case;
  • 10 days of mute – the third and the next cases;

If you feel the Rogue was that rude to you or anyone else, you always have the option of putting them on ignore. When you put someone on ignore, you will no longer be placed into RDF with them until you remove them from ignore. In addition, player reports should be applied here (see link below):


Be sure to follow the template:


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