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Hand of Freedom Dont give any Freedom !!!

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  1. The spell: Hand of Freedom, it's just not working in dungeons or in the open world, I'm not sure if in pvp zones it's working but what I can guarantee is that, in dungeons and in the world it's not working !!! I just arrived from another server and when getting the skill, leveling up in dungeons and in quests I noticed that it is not working not removing dazzle, root or a simple slow debuff, please fix it

Frosthold Server.

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You can't remove DAZE with hand of freedom if mob hit you from behind and that's blizzlike. It also works fine in pvp. I've noticed only problems on some npc's spells like that slow from elementals after 1st boss in Halls of Lightning, but for most of them it works fine.

they have bugtracker here for such stuff : https://github.com/SunwellTracker/issues/issues

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