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I never healed much as a priest during wrath, just ICC so I was wondering how the 2 specs compare during earlier tiers. I am starting to heal with my raid group and was told Disc is best. But when I look in Global I see a lot of people looking for holy priests. and seeing a lot more holy priests with the ToC patch. Thoughts?

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Actually both specs are good in their own way.


Holy priest is dedicated raid healer (Similar to druid).

Discipline priest is more like shield support, his main role is to put as much absorbs as possible on his raid. One single discipline priest helps a lot with his shields but because of weakened soul mechanic, its not good to have more than one discipline priest, so if raid has already discipline priest they wont invite another. Thats why some priest tend to have also holy spec.


And about leveling priest as healer, then definitely discipline priest perform a lot better at low lvl dungeons because not healing power is important at low lvl dungeons but mana economy, and discipline priest just has a lot better mana economy(Talents that allow you to regen during casting or reduce mana costs), especially if you add glyph to "power word-shield"


Before you get gear you should also stick with discipline because of that better mana economy, and when you geared you can stay discipline or go holy. 

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