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Hey yall

im looking for some addons, i need an addon to show me a timer for the cd on spells, omni cc isnt working this addon is lagging my game kinda weird if i press a spell

and im looking for something, that shows me an upcoming instant spell, so i.E the talent brain freeze for frost mages, can trigger that the next fire or frostfirespell is instant


i was looking for like 30 mins and cant find anything lol

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I've used Quartz and has alot to offer. Check out on Curse.com but make sure you are using the right version of the game, look under timers. I've gotten tired of setting up each addon on it's own.

I'm using ElvUi at the moment, still lots of setup needed but addons depends on how you want to setup your interface for your own comfort. Works best, a All in one package. Works alot beter than downloading 10 addons and editing each one individually. So try Quartz. That's my advice.

And with the trigger. I used a attachment with the elvui to show triggers the same way they implemented it in MOP.




Other than that I'm not sure what addon to use to track procs

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