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Drfish banned byAzathothh

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Your name: Drfish
Punishment Reason: 

Goldbuying, please contact with Azathothh on discord



Ban date 2020-03-28 11:44:17
Unban date 2020-03-28 11:44:17

Description: goldbuying
Evidence: no evidence at all.


Hi i was banned by Azathothh, which is against the term of use where is said: for buying gold - the removal of all gold, professions and riding on all characters. 

he didin't post any proof of me buying gold on discord and just said to me that i must have admint otherwise i will be perma ban.


I told him on discord from where i recived gold and yet no action was made.


I asked him to show me proof of goldbuying and his he said that he wont give me any.


i would like an explenation for this behavouir of admins on the server, no proof of me buying gold, having my account suspended until i admint to something i didin't do is striclty unacceptable.


I would like to consult with other admins and if you have proof for my goldbuying remove my gold and if you dont have unbann me right now cuz this is againts the rules of the server.


Banning account for goldbuying is nowhere stated that it would result in a ban and yet im ban without any proof.

Crafty can you help me with this topic?


best regards,



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  • Administrator

We're not sharing our logs with players, as it could help goldsellers make it harder to find their transactions, so stop asking for that - i gave you exact dates when you've received gold that you've bought, i've also warned you THREE times, that you have to write the truth.




Yet you've decided to keep on lying and making up some BS stories, that some random guy, which you don't know, approached you on TeamSpeak voice chat and asked you to kill some horde player in Stranglethorn Vale, and for that he sent you 2k gold from his lvl 2 character (which was his highest level character at that time). Everyone else who bought gold from him admitted it and gave me same information (without knowing that i would ask anyone else about it).

You can blame me all that you want, but it was YOUR choice to lie, despite the warnings, it was also YOUR choice to break our rules in the first place - this whole situation wouldn't have place if you've only had followed our rules.

Appeal rejected, (please stop writing to our staff members about it, as this decision if final)

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