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Balance Rotation and Talents Question

I am Groot

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I've seen many Balance Druids with standard talents recommended for ICC/wotlk content from many guides, and here is my question. Is this good idea on this content to pass 3/3 Improved Insect Swarm? How about rotation? I've heard once that you can make more dps without using Insect Swarm at all, or is this true for ICC content maybe?

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http://rpgworld.altervista.org/335/druid.php?5012203125331003213305301031000000000000000000000000000000205003012000000000000000000  This is what I use, you have 5 spare points for whatever else you need. If you find you need more regen on a fight take intensity and moonglow, if you want more dmg take improved ISS and gale winds. Moonkin damage isn't bad by any means if you know how to play.


Faerie Fire>Moonfire>Insect Swarm>Wrath then once you lunar eclipse, casts Starfires. Reapply dots outside of eclipses or right when you do eclipse as it's not a dps loss until being in an eclipse for a few seconds. Cast Starfall on cooldown unless you will pull aggro on something, or you need some burst aoe on a fight. Don't hold your starfall cd too long though.

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