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Protection Paladin Leveling & Fresh 80 GUIDE

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Protection paladin leveling and fresh 80 guide


First of all I want to point out that everything in this guide is how I have learned to play paladin personally.
I will cover out some specs that one could go for while leveling. It is also very good to know that in vanilla content
we don't necessarily need protection spec to be able to tank since benefits from that aren't that good.

Let's dive in to guide:

To keep it simple at beginning we will cover some basic aspects of being Protection paladin: weapons and spec?

Like I mentioned in intro vanilla content you can tank with 2 handed weapon or 1 handed and shield. I personally recommend going
with 1h + shield since you don't need to up your skill after you hit level 60.

Before level 60 you don't necessarily need to go protection spec, I recommend going with retribution to get most damage out for threat as it is very low for low level paladins.
Using consecration and Seal of Command from retri tree will be most beneficial while tanking in vanilla content, how ever this way is very mana hungry so you wanna get some
with you.
Once you reach level 30, you could change your spec to protection since you have enough points to get Blessing of Sanctuary. This blessing is A must have for Paladin tanks
since everytime you dodge, parry or block you regain some mana. With this blessing you can also keep going while killing mobs in world if you use Judgement of life since you will not
go out of mana if you use Seal of wisdom.

Here are some specs to go for while leveling

Retribution 1-59

Protection - Note that I will list spec here that you will progressively fill to get most important ones at correct level.

First part of protection spec is to get Blessing of Sanctuary from talents to keep up with mana when you are pulling groups. Select Glyph of Consecration as you first major because you want to use at as minimal amount as possible because it is very mana hungry spell.
Here's first part (Level 1-30):

Second part of protection spec is to get Spiritual Attunement because it will keep up your mana even more.
Here's second part (Level 31-40):

Third part of protection spec is to reach Hammer of the Righteous for maximized aoe threat. during this keep in mind to pick Holy Shield and Avenger's shield as priority. Glyph of Salvation is very good for yourself to add extra defensive cooldown, how ever never use it when you pull rather use if you need to.
Here's third part (Level 41-60):

Fourth part of protection spec is to reach level 80 and getting retribution as Sub-spec. Select Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous as your 3rd Major glyph for more aoe threat.
Here's fourth part (Level 61-80): https://db.darkwizard.pl/?talent#sZE0tAbuMusIufzxfMzb:ojNczm

Last spec is also fine for some normal dungeon farming and Heroics once you reach there.

Tips & Tricks


You can use seal of righteous always but remember to switch your target who you are hitting since consecration isn't gona add enough aggro if you have mages to do a lot aoe damage.
If you are having mana issues, at level 38 you will get Seal of Wisdom and you can use it also. I would recommend switching to this one if you are getting low mana, not when you are full.
Once you get your hands on Seal of command, start using it to get best aoe threat.

Also note, You want to keep Sacred Shield on all the time once you get it.

Divine Sacrifice:

Divine Sacrifice (DiSac) ain't just for you to migitate damage from raid, you can use this spefici spell also just as your own cooldown by using this macro:

/cast Divine Sacrifice
/cancelaura Divine Sacrifice

(Note that you will need to have Divine Guardian talent for this to work)

Once you cast DiSac you will get 2 buffs: Divine Sacrifice to migitate damage from raid to you for 10 seconds and Divine Guardian to migitate damage to you for 5 seconds.
with macro we will remove Divine Sacrifice (Raid migitation) and keep our own damage migitation buff on.

Hand of Protection:

If you have that overpowered mage in your group who steals all the mobs from your aggro, how about giving him/her Hand of Protection for safety so he/she can keep doing aoe freely thus helping you to kill that group of mobs faster.

Lay on Hands:

Keep for yourself, how ever remember that you cannot use this if for next 2 minutes after you use Divine Protection or Divine Shield

Some other info:

Paladin is meant to tank groups since our mana won't keep up with only 1-2 mobs. So practice and manage your cooldowns to tank atleast 5 mobs at a time, Blessing of Sanctuary will give you mana each time you Dodge, parry or block
so the more mobs you have the better chances you have to get mana back.

If you need any assistance in-game on alliance side or have any questions you can always whisper me to "Kobekuro" or "Arxkanite"

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43 minutes ago, Keynn said:

>vanilla content
>wrath of the lich king


Yes, Vanilla content is part of leveling where it's not really necessary to be in protection spec to be able to tank properly. Did you read the whole guide including the title before commenting?

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