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I wanted to go unusual as mage in pve so I m about to srart Frost as dps, in raids. I ve have heard it's viable at this content, gonna try it myself but let me know.. If you tried that before, you remember actual numbers for dps or anything else. 

Just save it to yourself things like "go arcane" "only arcane" ?

I'm interested in the frost. 


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Frost is more fun spec than legit dps spec. Of course frost mage is a GOD when comes to leveling and low lvl dungeons (Especially with that sweet glyph of eternal water), he can perform well on low gear content like 5 man heroics and maybe naxx. 


Frost mage will do less dps than arcane or fire but that gap is pretty small while leveling or at low gear.

BUT As gear progresses, the DPS gap between frost and fire/arcane grows. And at ICC+RS BiS(best in slot) gear, the gap is like over 6-7k dps. 


Probably you can play as frost mage on pug raids and it wont be much issue, of course you will draw A LOT of attention, but forget about some serious hard progress. 

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