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[联盟/Alliance][亚洲/+8] <Stars> 公会欢迎您


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目前工会共107名成员,其中31人满级,骑士有点超标,板甲职业较多,其他职业任选... O.o

工会QQ群:80787260,或游戏里面搜索Stars工会,或/join China 频道,都可以联系到我们。






(Ps 工会正在招募管理人员,不限等级,请联系Zippo)



This is a letter for English-speaking community:

Original intention of this topic is that we want to say an offical "Hi" to the community, a bunch of ppl from China who love this game, want to be a part of this game&server, settle down just like every other of you. We may not play as well as you could, but we come here to become your friends and most importantly we will always obey the rules:

Rules number one: We are neither Gold Sellers nor Buyers, any this kinda deal is strictly forbidden in the guild, just following the term of use. The guildmates who sell or buy Gold will be reported and kicked from the guild.

Rules number two: If any of our guildmate talks shits to you, report him to me, we will investigate the case and may punish him by our way. And everyone else, too. Please be civil and save your words, do not call our guildmate "Chinese farmers" or any other racist words which we will definitely report. According to term of use II.7, a 6-hours to 7-days mute banned is waiting.

Rules number three: We will accept the 5-man-Dungeon ninjaloot report by our guildmate, too. We may give you the justice where maybe GM could not give you. Not 100% guaranteed, but we will try our best.


Anyway, the guild is recruiting now, we play on the Alliance side, everyone will be welcomed, Chinese-Speaking in the guild chat, bullshit all the time, it's reallly fun. :D


Any further information that you want to know (or report maybe), you could leave a post below, or a personnal message to me. (Chinese/English/French)


Best regards,






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I am a foreigner living in Beijing. I am curious if you would be interested in inviting a non-chinese to join your guild? Would like to hang out and play together with you guys while practicing my Chinese :P

My Chinese is not the best, but I should be able to keep up I think.

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