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Hello Sunwell!

Almost 5 months ago, you could've hear rumors about our first custom raid - Hellforge. After weeks of hard work we can finally reveal to You more details. Make yourself comfortable, open a beer and let's roll.

"People have used to call me The Wanderer. In my world... I was once a great warrior, just like you."


Hellforge is 10-man adventure, split into two parts. During the raid, we follow The Wanderer - NPC we've already met in Dalaran. He is the one leading us in our journey through the halls of Hellforge, which we enter by a portal under Wyrmrest Temple, next to Ruby Sanctum and Obsidian Sanctum. But before we take Hellforge objective, we must finish chain-quest from our guide in Dalaran.  Adventure contents 6 different encounters, each intended to be more difficult than previous one. We are not going to reveal mechanics or tactics, cause we want you to discover them by yourselves - for common joy.
During your journey through Hellforge depths, you will meet "few" trash, not too big to take time, but adequate enough to avoid feeling of emptiness in dungeon. Mechanics are going to be similar to Faction Champions encounter and loot from trash mobs will be the same as in ICC trash, with chance to drop pets available in shop.



I. Phyrrocoris
II. Prophet of Slythe
III. Simon
IV. ???????
V. The Black Witch

 VI. ???????*

*IV and VI bosses are both surprise for you. We won't reveal their names. ;)

Loot from bosses will be based on items from Shop + Emblems of Frost (3 per boss and 5 from last boss).


See you 14.08.2019 at 7.00 PM GMT+1 on Angrathar!

#staysun #sunwell #angrathar #hellforge2019 #summer2019

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Hello Sunwell Team,


I found a little bug on your instance. 

When I'm in my Blood Tanking spec, and then respec to Unholy - when i trying summon my ghoul, He dissapear. Pet bar is missing and ability is on cooldown (the same, as when ghoul is summoned). Only help teleport out of instance and summon ghoul and teleport to instance. Can You check it? I will check this one again today.

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