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Fury Warrior T7.5 BiS (Rawr Simmed)

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Below is what I believe to be the Fury Warrior BiS list according to Rawr. I tested this on Rawr as it's the current most useful software that i'm able to navigating around. If there are better tools or you feel I'm in error please feel free to help with the list. If there's something I missed or something that needs to be updated feel free to let me know, either here or in game under the name Doublespoons for the warrior or Double for the warlock. I've also explained as best as possible the reasoning behind choices on the sims and what I used for my findings. 

Helm - Obsidian Greathelm - OS
Neck - Favor of the Dragonqueen - Malygos
Shoulders - Valorous Dreadnaught Shoulderplates - T7.5
Back - Drape of the Deadly Foe - KT
Chest - Valorous Dreadnaught Battleplate - T7.5
Wrists - Bracers of Unrelenting Attack - Gothik the Harvester
Hands - Frosted Androit Hanguards - Malygos
Waist - Stalk-Skin Belt - Heigan/Gluth
Legs - Valorous Dreadnaught Legplates - T7.5
Feet - Melancholy Sabatons - Malygos
Ring1 - Ruthlessness - Multiple Naxx bosses
Ring2 - Inscribed Ring of the Kirin Tor - Dalaran
Trinket1 - Grim Toll - Multiple Naxx bosses
Trinket2 - DMC Greatness
Weapon1 - Betrayer of Humanity - KT
Weapon2 - Betrayer of Humanity - KT
Ranged - Envoy of Mortality

My list above was simmed on Rawr using the enchants and combat profile restrictions below. 

Hit>Exp>Strength>Crit>Arp>Haste. Simmed with JC/Engineering
Using Bloodthirst> Whirlwind> Fill> Bloodthirst> Whirlwind> Fill> Fill rotation
Filled with Execute> Heroic Strike (@or above 55% rage)> Slam (Only with Bloodsurge)
I have the sim auto attacking if less than 55% rage as it could not manage 100% uptime on Bloodthirst/Whirlwind CD's
^^ This means the sim would be rage starved ^^
For some unknown reason Rawr would not let me select Valorous Dreadnaught Shoulderplates.
^^Shoulderguards of Opportunity were used instead - Noth^^

Enchants/gems used on the sims (in order from how it appears on the character sheet in game)

Helm - Arcanum of Torment+Relentless Earthseige Diamond+Enchanted Tear

Neck - Bold Scarlet Ruby

Shoulders - Greater Inscription of the Axe+Precise Scarlet Ruby

Back - Flexweave Underlay

Chest - Powerful Stats+Bold Scarlet Ruby x2

Wrists - Greater Assault+Bold Scarlet Ruby

Hands - Hand-Mounted Pyro Rockets **This tested 16dps higher than Hyperspeed Accelerators** 

Waist -  Bold Dragon's Eye

Legs - Icescale Leg Armor+Bold Dragon's Eye x2

Feet - Nitro Boosts

Weapon1&2 - Berserking x2 ** Executioner Tested higher in dps, but I feel it was in error untill more ARP is available**

Jewelcrafting was picked as without epic gems available in the game yeilds the most raw stats possible. When epic gems become available it is still ahead compared to the rest as it still gives the highest possible stats with the benefit to slot in Armor Penn.

Engineering was picked over Blacksmithing as in later content Blacksmithing gives 46STR or 46ARP. The 46 ARP is worthwhile, but unnecessary as I believe it's not required for ARP caps. Only beneficial in the gearing stages leading up to actual BiS in T8, T9, and T10 content. Blacksmithing is a better pick  over Engineering until T10 content and somewhat arguable in T9 content. However, Engineering becomes a far bigger dps increase as you get Hyperspeed Accelerators for your Hands as an enchant. Haste is a 1 for 1 dps modifier once you're able to hit Armor Penn caps, as you just swing faster on an enemy with 99.7% reduced armor.

*Edit* Tailoring has surpassed both in early gear stages and will out perform Blacksmithing and Engineering untill ToC. Shadowguard Embroidery gives a 400 atp proc enchant to the cloak. Which is basically a Berserking weapon enchant w.o the armor reduction.

Helm - Blue Aspect Helmet - Malygos
Chest - Chestguard of the Recluse - Malygos
Pants - Leggings of the Honored - OS

^^These three items are always argued over^^
Please note I tested these two items aswell and the dps was slightly Higher as you can see in the picture provided.

Noteable peices of gear to substitute till BiS

Shoulders - Shoulderguards of Opportunity - Noth the Plaguebringer
Chest - Breastplate of Frozen Pain - Sapphiron
Gloves - Crude Discolored Battlegrips - Patchwerk
Belt - Girdle of Chivalry - Grobbulus (If you need hit)
Belt - Girdle of Razuvious - Instructor Razuvious( If you need Exp)
Pants - Belabored Legplates - OS 10m
Pants - Legplates of Double Strikes - Instructor Razuvious
Feet - Boots of Sudden Reprisal - Anub'Rekhan 
Ring - Circle of Death - Sapph 10m

As you can see on the Left i have the Rawr setup with my current BiS list, and on the right, the Leather and Mail peices that are argued over. The difference is 3 dps and technically the Leather Items are BiS. They aren't apart of my BiS list as these Leather and Mail peices are rolled on by almost everyone. Helm is BiS for Hunters and Shamans, Chest unsure, but it's very good and I can imagine Shaman/Rogues/Feral Druids rolling here as will the pants. The Ring isn't on high roll Priority as it's from OS 10m 2Drake, but it's only slotted in IF you are getting the Mail Helmet and the other two leather peices. If you prefer the leather/mail BiS you're technically right but there will be some explaining to do when they give a Fury warrior an Intellect helmet over a Hunter. Good luck fighting everyone with rolls. This is why I prefer the prior.

Twitch.tv/Lawlgamuffin if you're interested drop a follow!

Edit: Small Adjustment to note. This sim was done with an orc, so if you are any other race you'll have to slot in Girdle of Razuvious aswell as the Badge of Valor Bracers meaning you will have to fill in extra hit somewhere. My opinion is to get Girdle of Chivalry from Grobb (belt), buy valor bracers and gem 1-2 expertise gems. The other option would be taking Girdle of Chivalry for hit, taking Jawbone in your offhand from Maexxna for expertise cap which means you'll be able to drop a ring for the Sarth OS10m ring with a gem slot. Keep in mind Jawbone is a 3.6 speed weapon so the offhand damage wouldnt be that much of a loss for the stats you need. It's whatever you're most comfortable with. 

Warrior BiS List Comparrison.png

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What is your reason for not adding raid buffs in Rawr? In a raid you can assume you have most if not all of the buffs. Your BiS list will change dramatically if you do this.

For example the engineering haste enchant on the gloves will be miles ahead of the static pyro rocket dps. This is also probably the reason why rawr says execution is better, as AP scales with buffs.


The best way to find a BiS list is finding gear setups in Rawr using the optimizer, and then testing them in Landsoul's spreadsheet which has better dps calculations. Of course if you want to be really tryhard you need to find all bugs influencing your dps that are present on the server (hint: at least 50 for warriors) and then change the spreadsheet accordingly.

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5 hours ago, Equator said:

For example the engineering haste enchant on the gloves will be miles ahead of the static pyro rocket dps. This is also probably the reason why rawr says execution is better, as AP scales with buffs.

Tested both Engineering glove enchants using Rawr with and without full raid buffs and came with 63 dps increase favoring Pyro rockets. Haste is terrible as a warrior until you have Armor Penn. Once you shred the enemies armor, then and only then, does haste become a 1:1 dps modifier increasing your dps by 1 for every haste point you have. At this current staget you shouldnt use Hyperspeed Accelerators or Potions of Speed. This is my 1st time maining Fury on a private server, but i've heard this through the grapevine numerous times and Rawr is the best way I have to test it. I definitely could be wrong, but i cant really test it atm as my Warrior's gear is pathetic. 

Also I purposely put Execute > Heroic Strike and Slam. That's how it should be. Once you hit 20%, you use all free rotations on Execute and you don't Heroic Strike or Slam to my knowledge. Hopefully not wrong about that... So I put Execute > HS and Slam so the sim would use it as a priority once it was available (aka. during execute). Just means it wouldnt use the other 2 abilities at 20%.

I tested both sets with full raid buffs and it was about 100 dps difference at the most. It was very close to the same damage however, the dps just got funky. I linked w/o full raid buffs just bc I didnt save the other one and didnt want to put all the information back in. As for the other way of finding anything out, I use Rawr bc I'm most familiar with it. If anyone here knows their way around Simcraft in great detail feel free to test the two sets. I still don't believe they're too far off one another.


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i'd like to link you to a thread that's accurate that is years old and already been simmed  http://www.viciousgrin.com/priory/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=280&sid=cabaa3ac6287351c538682984c8432f4

it has every single item currently BiS for each slot all the way from TBC epics - WOTLK Normal Dungeons onwards to Current BiS in Naxx 25 /OS 25 /EoE 25

Grim Toll is not the Current BiS Trinket you do however need it come Ulduar when paired with Mjolnir Runestone you can hit the Soft Armor Pen Cap, this has all been done before

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35 minutes ago, jrothwell said:

Grim Toll is not the Current BiS Trinket you do however need it come Ulduar when paired with Mjolnir Runestone you can hit the Soft Armor Pen Cap, this has all been done before

I tested both Fury of the Five Flights and Badge Trinket. Both of which came up slightly short and Rawr has every piece of gear ranked according to individual dps values. Is this right? Maybe not, but it was a widely used simcraft type program during actual content. This current version i'm using is 3.3.5 which is the current patch we're in. How credible is your post? I honestly don't know, but what I do know is that post was on Jan. 16, 2009. Secrets of Ulduar patch came in April 15, 2009. So your list is actually from let's say patch 3.0.3 or so and dps values on trinkets and balancing changes to classes (in this case Warrior) could have been changed. I'll stick to what Rawr says as it's the closest viable means of sims I can personally come up with. 


This is what the Rawr looks like. It has other badge trinkets listed that aren't available like Herkumi War Totem as I have to have them activated to see the Heroism badge trinket. Greatness is currently equipped so it's not listed, but it has almost a 300 dps value. Also keep in mind that with Rawr hit rating isn't considered a damage increase. They just expect you to be hit capped. So the dps value is on the procc alone versus Mirror of Truth which has it's base crit and procc valued as a total and is still 100 dps behind Grim Toll.

This doesn't mean I'm right and I appreciate the link provided. I just think this is more credible as I'm honestly not smart enough to incorporate uptime on both trinkets and compare ATP and ARP conversions to math out which is better. If you can provide that I'd appreciate it and will change the list. Or if you have another List i'd be happy to sim it and post my findings. As for the leather list, you gain less attackpower as you can see from the total stats listed, but still performs slightly better in both unbuffed and buffed sims.





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also from them sims you put in it looks like you havent done any talents, you lose so much Armor from the argued BiS liss which means loss of AP due to Armed to the teeth which means the current bis list should be more than 3247 dps

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it's a very good guide i just simmed toll and it is on top, however i'd argue you need to Heroic Strike as much as possible since its our highest damage always try to hit Heroic Strike when you know you'll have enough rage afterwards to use a BT or WW / Slam Proc, never spam execute, use it as fill when BT, WW is on CD no slam proc and HS is going to land, a big part of doing max dps and getting those cheeky heroic strikes in is predicting that your BT, WW, Slam or OH Whites wil give you enough rage for that extra HS also another thing to note in high end raiding adding in rend will improve dps ontop of that using shattering throw after your starter BT + WW is on CD and if you have no Slam proc is a dps increase aswell and Heroic throw in your rotation as filler. another thing to note is WW and Cleave use all three charges of Recklessness no matter how many targets it hits the more annoying is WW on single target using all 3 at once so once you pop it altar your rotation slightly so WW is last on the 3rd charge so BT > Heroic Strike > Whirlwind.

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I do heroic strike as much as possible, on the sim I have Execute>Heroic strike as a priority because if not then it'll use heroic strike as rage dump for Execute phase. Setting Execute as Priority means once 20% happens on the sim, it'll execute>Heroic Strike and dump excess rage with Heroic strike as it will automatically que up if over 55% rage so not to be rage starved. 

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yea i see, it seems to also have issues when i do my whole talent tree then select glyph of cleaving it resets all my talents to 0/0/0 even though the trees have points on them so when i simmed mine in order to fix it i put 1 extra point in deflection but i'm loving this, haven't had a chat with someone who i think is a good fury warrior who knows what there talking about in ages

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2 hours ago, Zsombee said:

Don't trust Doublespoons, he was part of a notorious white nationalist guild called <Maple Syrup> 2 and half years ago on Primal-Wow.

Hey I didn't come to your post and talk crap. Duel me RIGHT NOW! I'LL BE OUTSIDE ORGRIMMAR ON MY MAIN!

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7 hours ago, jrothwell said:

yea i see, it seems to also have issues when i do my whole talent tree then select glyph of cleaving it resets all my talents to 0/0/0 even though the trees have points on them so when i simmed mine in order to fix it i put 1 extra point in deflection but i'm loving this, haven't had a chat with someone who i think is a good fury warrior who knows what there talking about in ages

ooh sxyboi watch how you talk to me ;) Rawr has it's faults tbh, but it's nice to mess around with and gives you a decent picture on performance and a number of other information. For the most part if i don't know something I test it, ask for help, or look it up to the best of my ability. I havn't touched a warrior in Wrath since Wrath.

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Your list is off according to Landsouls' spreadsheet.

With heroic strike+ 0 miss bug disabled (I'm seeing misses on my offhand with HS queued, so it doesn't seem to work here)

Your list produces 6148.6 dps fully raidbuffed and consumed.
6278.9 with the bug activated

Mine provides 6277.6 dps without the bug
6444.4 with the bug.

Mine is tailored for orc with JC/tailoring.

Valorous Dreadnaught helmet
Gem: 21 agi 3% crit damage, 16 str
Enchant: 50 AP 20 crit

Favor of the Dragon Queen
Gem: 34 str

Valorous Dreadnaught shoulderplates
Gem: 8 str 8 crit
Enchant: 40 AP 15 crit

Drap of the Deadly Foe
Enchant: Swordguard Embroidery

Chestguard of the Recluse
Gem: 34 Str
Enchant: 10 all stats

Sinner's Bindings
Gem: 16 str
Enchant: 50 AP

2x Betrayer of Humanity
Enchants: Berskerking

Envoy of Mortality

Frosted Adroit Handguards
Enchant: 44 AP

Girdle of Razuvious
Gem: 34 Str

Valorous Dreadnaught Legplates
Gem: 16 Str, 6 all stats
Enchant: 75 AP 22 crit

Melancholy Sabbatons
Enchant: 6 agi + movementspeed

Surge Needle Ring

Greatring of Collision
Gem: 16 str

Darkmoon Card: Greatness

Grim Toll

I'm also not sure why you are running 32 expertise overcapped and still gemming for it, and not trying to dump hit while 89 overcapped


Running engineering as yourself instead of tailloring yields:
In your setup 6292.6 DPS with bug
6161.6 without bug

Didn't test rockets over haste use, since it just isn't in the sheet

In my list:
6457.8 with bug
6290 without bug



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Fully raid buffed

Buffs used

Strength of earth totem+talent, Devo aura+ improved, Battle Shout+talent, Trueshot Aura, Sanctified Retribution, Bloodlust, Rampage, Improved Icy Talons, Power Word: Fort+talent, Mark of the wild+ Talent, Blessing of Kings, Sunder Armor, Faerie Fire+talent, Heart of the Crusader, Flask of Endless Rage, Double pot Indestructible Potion, Fish Feast, Savage Combat, Swift Retribution

Classes used, Shaman, Frost DK, Ret Paladin, Combat Rogue, Fury Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Balance Druid


6610 Fully Buffed dps with my list.


6591 with your list. Yours is slightly less.

I would say Land put alot of effort and math into that spreadsheet and i'd assume it's correct, but the point of this list was exactly what the title said, "Rawr simmed". Why would you comment on another list using a spreadsheet that has nothing to do with Rawr. I stated I'm not familiar enough with anything outside of Rawr to get my findings. What you've listed is great since I'm honestly not willing to put in the time to math everything out. Does that mean i'm right or you're right? No, just means this is my BiS list for Rawr sims. Also I stated what professions I used and you mentioned Tailoring. I gave a reason behind Engineering and thus you should have ran a sim with Engineering. Tailoring is king right now, later Eng picks up with ArP. By the way, you're not even hitting Expertise cap here as an orc. I went for all my caps and went over on hit since it doesnt hurt that much if you're dual weilding, especially for rage gain at lower gear levels.

So I redid everything to fit your list in and test it against mine and added tailoring. If I missed something or was wrong by any means (using Rawr) I'd revise the list as I could definitely miss something. If you have anything else i'm def opened to hearing it as I could always learn something. In this case the gem you chose for your shoulders gave me 6 dps.

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I added numbers for engineering the bottom before you replied, so not sure what you're on about. it was run with engineering, and even told you that I wasn't able to produce numbers with the rocket mount. And the post was for a cross reference.

And I am capping as an orc. In fact, I overcap slightly.

We agree the cap is 214, right? That means 8.23 expertise rating per expertise. Orcs get 5 expertise for free with axes. That means we get 8.23*5= 41.2 expertise rating for free. That means we need 214-41 = 173 expertise to be capped. Thats pretty basic, right?

Now lets count together.
chest 83
Belt 38
Legs 66
83 + 38 + 66 = 187..

Clearly your version of rawr is fucky as it's showing me 4 expertise short, which also explains the weird gem choice in your shoulders.


and FYI in averages your engineering simmed higher if you had read my reply. The reason tailoring is prefered by myself is because I got 2x intercept and I prefer the passive movement speed on boots for now.

Edited by Kiszh
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Yeah that's fine.. was gonna edit it and take some of it back but i accept my mistakes. The expertise calculates if i hover over expertise but doesnt show directly on the sheet. It was fine, but still. Thread title. Rawr is about as fucky as any other sim tbh more or less.

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