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About Me

  1. Hello, English speaking, and all Nationality welcoming guild 'Gon Give It To Ya' recruiting to bolster our raid roster for 25man raiding. We are now raiding 25man content and offer a consistent, well executed but minimally time intensive weekly raid schedule. We believe there are many people out there like us who live busy lives but also know how to play, and want the regularity of a consistent raid schedule. --- Why would you join us? We offer consistent raids on a minimally intensive raid schedule and are currently progressing through Ulduar 10 and 25man. Loot System?
  2. Unfair est à la recherche de joueurs francophones souhaitant réaliser des performances et clean le plus rapidement chaque nouveau palier de raid. Nous sommes un noyau de joueurs solides ayant clean le contenu sur plusieurs realms WOTLK avec un staff officier compétent. Notre recrutement est ouvert à toutes les classes/spé, nous sommes intéressés uniquement par des profils de joueurs déterminés à tuer les boss et non pas par des touristes se connectant sans aucunes connaissances du jeu (stratégies, gameplay...). Horaires de raid : Mercredi : 20h00 - 00h00 Jeudi : 20h0
  3. Hi Id like to report Aeavn and Bocqueto I rolled 98 on Drape of the Deadly Foe in Naxx 25 I desperately need the gear but the raid leader gave it to Bocqueto who rolled 42 (not even the second highest). Then he told me I amm loot banned because I have some PvP gear, and wouldn't even let me roll for Crown of the Lost Protector or Last Laugh, and earlier he gave Platehelm of the Great Wyrm to the tank who didnt roll for it during ms. So during os roll i rolled 85 and the tank rolled 8 and he again gave it to the tank. Please help, how are you meant to gear as either a tank o
  4. Hello! [ENG Description] Format: Semi-Hardcore Raids per week: 3/7 (Wednesday - Friday) - New content; 1/7 - After all content closed. Raid time: 8:00 - 12:00 PM Server time, 20:00 - 0:00 Moscow time Looking for: Any Class Raiders and Casuals Our progress today: 17/17 Discord for invite: Rokerz#4573 [Русское описание] - Фракция: Орда - Формат: ПвЕ, Семи-хардкор - РТ: 3/7 ср-пт - освоение, 1/7 - фарм - Опыт на данный момент: фул контент Закрыт. Фармим Накс перед Ульдой - 1й статик - Корректируется перед Ульдой (Слоты ЕСТЬ), 2й статик - формируется прямо сейча
  5. Hello, my name is Xemni, and I've been playing rogue for quite some time now (about 10 or so years). I intended to type this up initially and send it to a friend whom requested information on how to play the class, but seeing as I've seen a few players on the server doing questionable things, I figured i'd make this thread instead for those that would like some quick information to get the ball rolling playing what I consider one of the most fun classes in the game. 1. Talents You have two talent trees you typically play with, as a Muti rogue, and you'll likely end up using bo
  6. X D


  7. INTRODUCTION: Hey there fellow Hordie! We're a casual PvE raiding guild, that is currently trying to build its core group for the 25-man raids such as Naxx and upcoming Ulduar. We've cleared Naxx 10 but now wish to do progress in the 25-man raiding. We've an interesting implementation of an idea of rolling for gear which give everyone the chance to at least win 1 piece of gear from the raid! We've got a good number of people that have the knowledge of the boss mechanics of the raid so beginners are not to fear failure, we'll manage anything, together! RAIDING: Our raids are org
  8. World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King Mage PvE Class Guide Contact: vaxsysl at gmail dottity com Table of content *Use [keywords] to quickly navigate to wanted section. Arcane Talent Spec 1. Talent spec - detailed explanation [Arc1] 2. Arcane dps rotation and CD usage [Arc2] 3. Gearing up, gems, enchants [Arc3] Fire Talent Spec 1. Talent spec - detailed explanation [Fire1][FFB1] 2. Fire dps rotation and CD usage [Fire2] 3. Gearing up, gems, enchants [Fire3] Mage and You 1. Race and professions [Mage1] 2. Mage in Raid [Mage2] 3. M
  9. yellow

    LF PVE Guild

    Druid resto 3.6k gs looking for guild. I have 15/15 naxx 10man, 1/1 OS 10man, 1/1 OS 25man. I have also off spec on feral tank.
  10. Hello. Russian Hardcore guild "Synesthesia" is recruiting exp.players (pref. HPala and Rdps) Achievments: Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas Loot System: Council Loot Raid times: 17:00 – 21:00ST (20:00 – 24:00 MSK) Main Raid: Wednesday Second 25 group - this monday (9/12/19) Recruting: DPS, Hpals What do we expect from you? - you have raiding experience and are always willing to min/max your DPS/HPS - you are a team player and always put guilds interests in front of your own - 100% attendance If you have interest to join us, pm me on discor
  11. Всем привет. В связи с запуском нового сервера, открыт набор по все классам в хардкор гильдию "Synesthesia" (Орда) для формирования третьего рейда(25). Так же готовы рассмотреть Вас в качестве мейн рейдера участвующего в прогрессе. Что мы можем предложить: - дружелюбный коллектив; - максимально эффективный рейдинг (для участников третьего состава - 1 вечер в неделю); Что мы ожидаем от рейдеров: - 2 профессии бустящих ваш класс (не собирательные, кроме майнинга для танков) - Фулл пре-рейд БиС гир, фрост резист гир (3 вещи); - Фулл чанты (берсеркер, 63спд и т.п
  12. Druid Bear Bis List Survival 3.3.5 PvE The biggest problem in choosing items for the Bear is hit raiting. Most biss items not have hit raiting so you need to choose build which will has hit cap and the greatest survival. I present the best selection of items for a bear to survive. |Item|Gem 1|Gem 2|Gem 3|Enchant Head: Head: Sanctified Lasherweave Headguard | Austere Earthsiege Diamond | Shifting Dreadstone | Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector Neck: Neck: Bile-Encrusted Medallion Shoulders: Shoulders: Sanctified Lasherweave Shoulderpads | Greater Inscription of the Gl
  13. Valjan

    RP Interest

    Would anyone be interested in forming an RP-PvX style guild? I'd like to foster RP on this server for those who enjoy that aspect of the game for both Alliance and Horde (cross faction RP) though I admit to personal Horde preferences. I'd like to gauge what potential RP partners might like to have in a guild and build from there.
  14. Greetings, We are a group of experienced players that has already cleared TBC content on other private servers and retail. We have decided to regroup once again for a new challenge on Nightbane. Our core is a mix of both NA and EU players since the guild was first established on another server about 3 years ago, for this reason we will be raiding Saturday & Sunday 8PM Server time (EU) / 2PM (EST NA). What we expect from you: • Team player attitude, we don’t want loot drama whores or anything of the like, gear is a means to an end whilst progression is ongoing, this is the mi
  15. SOUNDCLOUD RAPPERS is a group of friends retired from the NA raiding scene, with varying rankings around world 100 throughout all expansions, we've come to agree that retail is currently a mess and we're looking to go back in time for some fun, slay some dragons, have a drink, laugh a lot, talk some big shit, and make some new friends in the process to make our time more enjoyable. Let's get some things straight about who we are. We are a group of incredibly thick skinned individuals who talk shit to each other on the daily. If you get upset about me telling you your damage sucks whe
  16. Üdvözlök mindenkit! Keressetek bátran minket! Welcome traveler! The Just A Good Cave is the server's biggest Hungarian community on the Alliance side. We are currently recruiting all Hungarian players. Check out our website and contact us today. Have a wonderful day. Best regards Flyingmelon-Guild leader Mondják, hogy minden kezdet nehéz...a miénk sem volt másként! https://justagoodcave.webnode.hu/ A Klánt egy régi WOTLK szerveren működő guild megmaradt tagjai alapították. A legszebb emlékeink a BC kiegészítőkhöz fűződnek, és csodával határos módon, éppen indult egy új sz
  17. EDIT: Guild is Closed. ENG: Time Walkers is a fresh project created by few friends from old HellGround, WarGate, and finally Ares. Ye... We are truly TBC lovers ❤️ . We wanna Time Walkers to be focused on PvE, but good PvP Premade will be always welcome. We don't wanna use typical DKP loot system, we prefer more democratic ways to handle it . Our main goal is create the comunity with out isolated officer castes. Here, every one will have have oportunity to say what he thinks and his voice will be heard. About future of Time Walkers... well, we decide ab
  18. Qui sommes-nous ? Comme le titre l'indique, la guilde <Sur le papier on est bon> est une guilde PVE française qui fera son bout de chemin côté horde. L’avantage de notre projet, c’est que le noyau de la guilde est composé de joueurs ayant déjà joué ensembles sur d'autres serveur (notamment warmane). Ce qui nous permet également de mettre des personnes « de confiance » sur les rôles clef tels que les main tank et les classes à optimisation de raid, et donc de ne pas perdre de temps à remplacer des gens qui ne font pas l’affaire sur ces rôles là. Nous sommes un noyau d’
  19. Powstała w 2008 roku gildia PvE Lunatic Asylum, pragnie ogłosić nabór dla doświadczonych graczy PvE, jak i starych wyjadaczy którzy już z nami kiedyś grali na różnych serwerach. Jesteśmy zgraną i doświadczoną ekipą,cały skład officerski ma wiele lat doświadczenia w prowadzeniu raidów. Chcemy z łatwością i z małym nakładem czasu eliminować wszystkie bossy na dodatku Burning Crusade,dodatek jest stary i oczekujemy od graczy,że każdy będzie zaznajomiony z taktykami,swoją klasą i specem. Naszym głównym zamiarem jest bezproblemowe czyszczenie contentu i walka o Polską Top Gildie. 3 dni raidow
  20. EU/ITA]< Kingdom of Tamara> recuit players for future 10 and 25 man roster. Our Raid leader have a big experience in tbc raid on retail/private server Raid time 7:30 gtm+1. Wisp Krondor in game for more info or apply to https://kingdomoftamaraita.shivtr.com/
  21. [EN] <Amelinium> polish guild is looking for more players to complete our raid squad on Nightbane server. We've been around for almost four years when we founded our guild on the Nostalrius server. Since then we have been present on vanilla, tbc and wotlk servers. We have a good lineup of veterans who have known each other for many years and have extensive experience in raiding on tbc. Our main goal is to gather great team for the upcomming wow classic. We are focused mainly on the pve content but there are also a lot of pvp enthusiasts here. Raid times: sundays and thursdays b
  22. PL TZM to gildia z wieloletnim stażem, grająca na wielu serwerach takich jak HellGround, ToD, Atlantiss, Ares. Zgrana oficerka z bardzo dużym doświadczeniem w prowadzeniu zarówno gildii jak i raidów. Nasz cel to progres całego kontentu PvE. Tym razem planujemy rozpocząć naszą przygodę po stronie hordy. Wszystkie osoby które znów chcą poczuć klimat TBC są mile widziane. Jeśli szukasz gildii, dla której liczy się coś więcej niż "piksele", to trafiłeś w dobre miejsce. Jeśli chcesz do nas dołączyć zapraszamy na nasze forum, gdzie możecie zarówno złożyć samo podanie, jak i dowiedzieć się o
  23. Theeda


    [EN] Hello, we're a group of semi decent internet famous people! we are looking forward to tbc until summer when classic comes! we're looking for 30 people to join our raid team! at the moment we have about ten people from our classic guild that wants to do tbc, we're looking for 20 others at least! We're doing dkp zero system! it will be explained later! Our discord is run by kargoz and the mods! Dkp zero system is a mathematical system that work like this. over eight bosses and we have 14 pieces that have the following prices: 10,15,22,35,60,10,5,10,20
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