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  1. Dear Administrators Hello, I am a player from China, I have been in Sunwell for 2 years, Nightbane I have been in contact with more than four months, why can you freeze the role at will now? It's unfair for some of your administrators to consider selling gold coins and then imposing permanent freezing penalties on the goods purchased in cash. However, they ignore those who actually violate the rules. I have written many reports about the violations of some people, but the disappearance has not been dealt with.Freeze a player's character at will. Is that good? Should you check that the freezing
  2. Name: NK Reasons for punishment: gold coins Game Master: Adrestia NK buys gold coins at most. He doesn't sell gold coins. According to the regulations, you should remove his riding skills and gold coins instead of freezing them permanently.I hope you can deal with him in accordance with the regulations. Have a nice day.
  3. Name: NK Reasons for punishment: gold coins Game Master: Adrestia Why hasn't my appeal letter been answered for two weeks?
  4. Name: maskhunter and deengal punishment: Go fishing Master: Naevys Hello Administrator, they really violated the rules. Can you see that they did this for the first time and give them a chance? Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
  5. Name: Bigya for punishment: Go fishing Master: Iskyl He has been frozen for 17 days for fishing. Can you give him a chance? He already knew he had done wrong.
  6. Name: NK Reasons for Punishment: Buying Gold Coins Game Master: Adrestia It has been frozen for 14 days and has not been released yet. Why?
  7. Name: NK Reasons for punishment: buying gold coins Game Master: Adrestia I've sent three letters of appeal, but I haven't received any reply at all. Why?
  8. Name: Nostalgist Reasons for punishment: boting Game Master: Asureeuz Sorry, my friend Nostalgist didn't know it was a violation. Seeing that he was doing it for the first time, could you give him a chance? Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
  9. 姓名:Lwowl 惩罚的原因:关注商品 游戏大师:Azathothh Sorry, I got his name wrong. He's called Lwowl. Can you unfreeze him? Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
  10. Name: Lwowowol Reasons for Punishment: Focus on Commodities Game Master: Azathothh Lwowowol has been frozen by you for a long time. What did he do wrong? The appeal was not answered. Why on earth?
  11. Name: NK Reasons for Punishment: Gold Coin Sales Game Master: Adrestia I've been appealing for a week about the freezing of NK. Why hasn't my appeal been answered?
  12. Name: Lwowol Reasons for punishment: Focus on commodities Game Master: Azathothh I don't understand what I did wrong.What are the violations of paying attention to commodities?Can you untie it for me? My guild needs me very much. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
  13. Name: nk Reasons for punishment: Gold coin sales Game Master: Adrestia All the gold coins are in the backpack. I haven't sold them yet. Why freeze them for me? Why do I say I sell gold coins? The gold coins in my bag are intended to be returned to liudehua. I borrowed a lot of gold coins to upgrade my equipment. You can check me carefully.
  14. Why are there so few penalties for players using third-party software?What really harms the balance of the game is that those players who use third-party software and robots, while those who trade normally with their friends are frozen permanently by you as so-called gold coin merchants!
  15. Name: AK Reasons for punishment: buying gold coins Game Master: Crafty Ak just bought some gold coins. As a tank of the trade union, the tribe does not have double talents. He needs material very much. So he violated the rules. Please remove his skills and gold coins and untie them. Is that OK?He was frozen two months ago and he didn't know how to appeal until now.Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
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