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    Alliance needs help on PvP ASAP

    I've made the same topic couple days ago and no response, no good ideas. I agree with what you wrote in 100%. Ally need's help immediately. Imbalance of racials lead to this but soon this will not be the biggest problem. The biggest problem will be the imbalance of equimpent (basically it is already).
  2. Hello everyone, I want to make a restokin druid but I can't find too much information about that build. Maybe someone knows some good guide and can share with me ? I will be very grateful. Peace!
  3. Energia

    BG balance and Alliance PvP

    I do not know if you understood me well but I did not intend to discuss here about twinks and low lvls. I care about 70 lvl situation because it's only really matters now. And this situation is tragic. Horde win every BG because they outnumbers Ally players all the time. And now they are well geared too because everytime they are get 3 marks.
  4. Hey Folks, Everytime I enter BG I can see the same. 2 ally vs 8 horde, 3 vs 8, 1 vs 5 etc... The question is: Is there any possibility to balance BGs so that they can only start when a minimum of 5 ally players are in the queue ? In my opinion, the number of horde players who can enter the battlefield should depend on the number of ally players who already joined. Let's say, if ally had 6 people on WSG and no more, 6 horde players would join too. Playing 2v8 etc is very unfair and I hope that in the future many more ally players will join the queue but for now it's a problem. Another thing is that the problem of the lack of balance will grow because horde is quickly gaining honor and marks now. What do you guys think about it?
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