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  1. Hello, While having overtuned content might bring some sort of purpose for high-end raiding on the table, i hope you guys internal-tested this or plan on testing it further. I mean, the buff is kind of creative with adding more classes with different abilities, or even changing / adding some mechanics or hp boost. BUT! Even if the majority of players voted for this, i hope you implement proper buffs & testing before release, and don't just go overboard with it. Otherwise it could do more harm than good. Anyway, i think you guys did a good job with the server so far and i expect t
  2. Doodle

    [Natura](banned by Direction)

    Character Name: Natura (on Angrathar) Punishment Reason: Gold selling / advertising Game Master: Direction Summary: I started playing on Agranthar when the realm was fresh, leveld a few chars to lvl 10+ or so and then i could not play anymore. Meanwhile my account was hacked by gold sellers due to the fact that i used some old acc / pass combination and that resulted in my account being banned. Now i'm back and i want to play on Nightbane but my account is banned, i changed my password and added 2FA to my account. Can i haz unban pls? thx alot
  3. Doodle

    Guild Nightbane TBC (Horde)

    Salut, daca sunt prezenti oameni din Romania pe realmul Nightbane, lasati un semn aici, poate ne strangem toti. Anuntati prieteni / cunostinte, etc. P.S. Horde side.
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