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  1. I haven't quite found many reliable add-on websites, so my addons are quite limited. I was wondering what addons you use to manage your threat and whether there are any addons that assist in seeing who has threat on a mob.. possibly through nameplates?
  2. I can't find any official post on when this is planned to be released, some people told me it will be after BT has been cleared, which isn't released for months. I understand you want to get more people to play Alliance so you gave them certain benefits (Cheaper mounts, bonus XP events, dual spec earlier). But do you really think gatekeeping it behind this long of a timer is healthy for the server? Already I can see my guild slowly dropping off, those who levelled characters that need 2 different specs for PvP/PvE are already fed up with the constant respeccing or just performing p
  3. Some addons dont work and are for a different version of TBC
  4. You can't claim the money was a "Thank you" to show your appreciation and then complain the reward you got was given to other players at a later date. Basically from what you have wrote this is what I understand: 1) You have money to waste exclusive mounts, but you only want them if you and a small subset of players can afford or are stupid enough to waste money on them 2) You want to hide this elitism by using the claim you are doing it to help grow the community and support the developers. If you were doing it just as a thank you and to help the server, you would
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