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  1. Lottie

    Appeal to excuse myself from ninjaing an item.

    hi, please rewrite the appeal following the Appeal Instructions.
  2. Lottie

    I am a human

  3. Lottie


    Greetings, it is not allowed to abuse vehicles for world pvp, i saw you and a mage was using Mammoth in Borean to kill the tauren druid. after i /w you and telling you to stop you still keep doing so. 9. Using quest items and quest mounts to attack other players is strictly prohibited. Quest items are meant for the quest they are provided for. The punishment for that is individual but can be no longer than 7 days of account suspension. Appeal rejected. Regards, Lottie
  4. Lottie


    he says he was watching movies while mining/herbing. didnt really pay attention to some /w so you might think he was botting.
  5. Lottie


    he says he's using VPN to connect server and not gold-seller or buyer. and want an appeal
  6. Lottie


    hello, i caught you while ur speed hack around. and i also aware your pings, which exclude the possibilities of causing from the lag spikes. appeal rejected.
  7. Lottie


    He has made another thread so.. Just ignore this then.
  8. Lottie


    hello there, please read our Appeal Instructions and repost your appeal. ty.
  9. Lottie

    Ban appeal

    Greetings, i choose to trust you this time, ban shorten'd to 7 days. next time would be perm. keep'n mind. regards, Lottie
  10. Lottie

    Ban appeal

    we deal with every botts that getting reported. and we ourselves watching around as well. i wanted to try and see if they were any punishment i don't think this should be any reason that could stand here.
  11. Lottie

    Ban appeal

    hi there, i checked the situation and i'd like to trust you for this time. unbanned.
  12. Lottie


    欢迎来到全新的Sunwell巫妖王之怒服务器. 服务器将于2018年的1月27日正式开启, 目前处于Beta测试阶段, 服务器坐标波兰, 完全仿暴雪原版设定, 双专业, 一倍经验. 服务器商城只卖坐骑背包, 3倍经验(在服务器第一和各职业第一80级刷频出现之后会开放购买), 不会售卖任何装备. 延迟非常理想, 国内用代理一般在150-200ms. 其项目组名下的另一个服务器现在处于TOC阶段, 会在3月份前后开放ICC. 服务器人口高峰3000+, 阵营平衡. 平时1倍经验, 周末双倍, 双人招募2倍经验(不叠加). 战场秒排, AH货源充足, 材料也很容易就卖掉. 而且就目前开放的内容来说, 无论是升级任务还是团队副本基本上是没有Bug的. 项目组开发人员和GM对中国玩家非常重视, 官网很快就会完成汉化, 游戏内也可以使用中文物品链接和聊天. 任务的汉化也在紧锣密鼓的进行中. 如果你想体验原汁原味的80级怀旧服的话, 这个服务器就是你可以称之为家的地方. 新服务器宣传视频地址: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av17722277/
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