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  1. Tightass

    [Report- Ninja looting] Loveshot

    It's funny I see you on the forums reporting players for ninjalooting when you just the otherday ninjaed boots and in this picture below mDPS prebis trinket from me.
  2. Tightass

    WTS epic uncut gems

    WTS Epic uncut gems 4x stacks Dreadstone 4x Stacks Ametrine 2x Stacks Cardinal ruby 1x Stack Majestic Zircon 1x Stack King's amber Mail/whisper ingame to: Tightass
  3. Hi! i'm thinking of transfering one of my horde character to alliance, but I remember seeing some post a while ago about how much gold you can bring etc. but now I can't find it anywhere. also what else reset when transfering to opposite faction or what is the general rules when transfering. kind regards.
  4. Will Satchel bags drop epic gems or is that only from onyxia?
  5. Tightass

    Stolen Item by Ganits

    Armor prio is by default set to raidleaders decision which you can read in the rules. Sadly not every raidleader knows what items are good for every class. My advice is ask leader about armor prio before raid next time and/or dont raid with him again.
  6. Tightass

    Fraction Change v2

    This is posted about angrathar, which actually is dead
  7. Tightass

    Voa 18 Loot Disenchant

    You're only warlock and pass loot when it's on group loot, tbh blame urself for it being disenchanted
  8. Alliance has double skill up chance on all proffesions but fishing, not sure if this is intended or just something that need a fix. Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/mJXztNj
  9. Tightass

    [Report] Azagthtoth

    Topic content: Similar character name to staff nickname.Your name - PurplehideReported player's name - AzagthtothDate - 2019-07-17Rule that was broken - Rule #17 "Character name....shouldn’t be similar to the nickname of any staff member." Description - His nickname is similar to staff nickname Azathothh Evidence - https://gyazo.com/32c19be439217aae5bb493388321cf9a
  10. Topic content: Sanuria not giving loot to winner of rollYour name - PurplehideReported player's name - SanuriaDate - 2019-07-16Rule that was broken - Rule #22 Description - I won roll of bracers and leader decides to give item to priest instead.Evidence - RL Loot rules: https://gyazo.com/a312347a3631e51641b589990955e73b Rolls: https://gyazo.com/6b3b14a68686fa6708c0ef61ef1c94c8 Priest with item: https://gyazo.com/32c19be439217aae5bb493388321cf9a
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