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  1. Update: still looking for new players, especially shadowpriest, shamans, hunters and locks. Hyjal 3/5
  2. T5 is cleared. We just killed KT tonight. Looking for a enhanc. shaman to farm t5 with us
  3. Got 4/6 bosses in SSC this week. Still looking for dedicated players - especially healers!
  4. T4 content cleared since last week. Starting T5 this week. Still looking for dedicated players - especially healers!
  5. Still looking for dedicated players to strengthen our roster.
  6. inFamous guild cleared Kara today in about 3.5 hours including Netherspite. Thanks for all guild members for this nice Raid
  7. We got some new free spots. Appreciate your application
  8. <inFamous> [EU] only guild with 3/5 in mh Raiding time: Thu/Sun/Mon 19:00 - 23:00 ST We distribute loot using an experienced loot council. We play to kill bosses and not to loot epics. We're specially looking for Enhanc. shaman that being said, we are excited to read any serious application, regardless of what class you play. We are always looking for drama-free, social and very skilled players in order to bolster our ranks. If you think you have what it takes to join us on our journey, we would be delighted to read your application at https://infamous-ni
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