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  1. kopetrov

    [report] Byfar

    Name was taken
  2. kopetrov

    Icecrown Citadel 25HC Boost

    . btw are the oozes gripeble?
  3. kopetrov

    Whats the current HC Progress for ICC?

    It took few guilds to get 9/12 hc in few days thats why there is no hype about it. And realm firsts are irrelevant , its just whoever started earlier gets most of them.
  4. kopetrov

    Criticism of Sunwell staff

    Even tho i do not pug and im in a raiding guild I support the person that made this topic. Ninjalooting is something normal here (99% in 10 man pugs) and those rules do not help at all. Whats you can freely ninja 10 man and 5 man loot? This sounds like we dont wonna bother with it to me. Now shit is out of control and u cant fix it. The server is great ,but this part is pure cancer so for further projects u should reconsider those rules, take some time and hard punishment at the start , make it clear u care and see those apes running around taking w/e they feel like in pugs stay in their cave
  5. Majority are casuals ? they can do 10 mans (tbf even a casual guild can kill most of your 25 man bosses) You have to realize its aint Feronis (no discrespect to the players there) and there are a lot of hardcore raiders in Angrathar that came expecting some challenge. Some guilds didnt sleep the 1st night and killed all just aint right.
  6. When i logged few hours after release and saw Os +3 down....disgusting rly No one wants to log in for 1 raid day farm his purples and go do something else, thats not what u sold us to play here. Its not too late to fix it...maybe , i hope. Pls dont make it a boring farmfest like most wotlk servers and put some effort into those "buffs".
  7. kopetrov

    Angrathar: Boosted 3.0!

    Buffing the content is the way to go for sure but why are OS and EOE not touched? Doesnt make sense.
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