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  1. Sunite

    Thunderstorm (3.3.5)

    It this fixed already?
  2. Sunite

    Arena Season 5 - Information

    At least I have balls to post my opinion with my in-game name, you, on the other hand, hide behind a forum acc with 1 post...I must admit I would too if my post was so pointless...
  3. Sunite

    Arena Season 5 - Information

    Let's give Gladiator title to everyone so kids stop crying!!!
  4. Sunite

    Arena Season 5 - Information

    Well first of all if you see the announcer pop 10 times in few seconds it does not mean that 10 teams are queuing. It can be one team spamming. Second, if you knew something about win-trading, before claiming such a thing, you would understand it is kinda impossible to win-trade with 8 teams queuing. That's why it's usually done late at night when no one is playing. Just a note: I'm not saying there is no team win-trading because some teams do really look suspicious, however, you are just throwing accusations with no proof.
  5. Sunite

    Arena Season 5 - Information

    You clearly don't know how announcer works...
  6. I might be interested...I would prefer horde tho...Also new guild
  7. There is "NO WAY" to change it...So let's just faction change and kill PvP entirely...You are a genius!
  8. Sunite

    Scripting of this server

    At a minimum, it is same as other servers (IMO better, but this could be subjective) plus it is fresh so it's win-win. Try and enjoy it for yourself don't let others influence you.
  9. Sunite

    Gifting experience boost

    Try to type .premium
  10. Sunite

    Show off your UI!

    Hmm, I don't know...I'm using Chatter and it does something like this: Sunite: Resto shaman LF Naxx [inv], If i remember correctly it puts inv into a bracket and I'm not sure what it does after clicking, but it looks like a link so it might be what you need...Did you mean something like that?
  11. Sunite

    Releasing of PvE and PvP seasons

    So how long do you think it's gonna take to get all realm firsts?
  12. Sunite

    Realm Firsts Titles

    It might get removed shortly after I don't know...But as I said I'm pretty sure I saw it on live...Anyway no point to argue as It is already a past...Looking forward less than 6 days ;-)
  13. Sunite

    CZ/SK only Guild

    Tady už nemusíš psát anglicky ;-)
  14. Sunite

    Show off your UI!

    I hide them and if I need to change something I pop them via /command
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